I'm getting spun and fixing to edge anyone wanna sext and exchange pics

2021.09.20 06:09 djduekki I'm getting spun and fixing to edge anyone wanna sext and exchange pics

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2021.09.20 06:09 Only_PacksVIP Allison Parker

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2021.09.20 06:09 BrooklynSwamp Schrager hate

Is he a little over the top and an obvious mcvay home. Yes, but Honestly I think it’s refreshing having someone who’s over the top but positive compared to the rest of the ringer who’s constantly negative all the time.
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2021.09.20 06:09 nauticaltiger Scientists - Last Night (1980)

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2021.09.20 06:09 KitchenReward6330 I worked at a gentleman’s club for a night as an entertainer.

So I (23F) actually grew up with a nice and wholesome family. Made great grades in school and was involved in varsity sports and clubs. Fast forward to post graduate and I’m struggling to pay off my student loans. I got a great prestigious career right out of graduating college but threw at all away bc I got burnout and went into a massive depression. I moved back with my parents and now I’m struggling to find a professional job and I refuse to ask my parents for money. I also have a bf who got laid off a couple months ago and refuses to find a job and lives with his parents. (His whole family thinks he still has his job). I love him and the person he is but I hesitate planning a future with him. I was watching some stripper lifestyle vlogs one night, went down this rabbit hole and started getting ideas. It took me about 3 weeks to gain the courage to show up to a club.
Anyway, on a Thursday night I picked this one gentleman’s club in a big city about an hour away from my hometown so I don’t run into anyone I know. I lied to my parents and bf that I would be at my gf’s place for the night. Everyone there (including the male managers) were so nice to me and made me feel comfortable. I passed the body and looks check. After the background check, they gave me a tour of the place. I also spent $60 for these specific shoes that was required as a dancer. I had to wear a thong and a skin tight dress as my uniform. It was a classier place than what I expected.
I spent the beginning of the night talking to this one guy who clearly wasn’t interested in me so I went around trying to talk to other men. (I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what I’m doing or what to even ask them but this experienced girl just told me to keep talking to guys). Anyway, I’m talking to this guy in his 30’s who came alone and we were having a great conversation about his work. I could tell that he had a shy personality but he opened up. Eventually I realize that I’ve been in this club for 3 hours, danced on stage once and haven’t made any money. I was not gonna go home with (-$60). I brought up the idea of giving him a lap dance and he agreed. I gave him one for 2 songs and charged him $100. Then I had to go on stage again and dance topless for 2 songs. I made about $16 in ones from a different male.
Apparently it was slow but that was expected for a Thursday evening. Even the other girls told me the weekends is where the money is at. I paid out $20 for the house mom, DJ, and managers. I went home at about 2am.
I was nervous to go on stage but I f*cking killed it and was feeling myself. I actually enjoyed dancing on stage. Even the one guy watching front row said I was the best he’s ever seen. Giving the lap dance however... I was acting like I enjoyed it but I felt so dirty and disgusting on the inside. We were both fully clothed. It felt like I betrayed my bf but I had to think objectively and remember that this is just work.
I’m not sure if l I’ll be returning though because I don’t know how long I can keep it a secret if I go on a regular basis.
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2021.09.20 06:09 RnbCvs What if...

What if in season 4, Otis join another school and... open a new sex clinic, alone ? Maeve's words at the end of season 3 make think of that. Thus, it could be a season only focus on Otis, without Maeve and other Moordale students.
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2021.09.20 06:09 XSpcwlker [ELI5]: Why isn't it possible to reverse the reaction of Sulfuric Acid damage on skin?

Good morning/Evening
Considering unfortunate situations of attacks on human skin and how the Sulfuric acid that has made contact with the human skin, would react and irreversibly damage said skin. However, I wanted to know if its possible to reverse the reaction from Sulfuric Acid on skin and if not, can you please explain to me, why its not possible to reverse Sulfuric Acid damage on skin?
Thanks for your time.
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2021.09.20 06:09 JoeTheMysterious Is it just me or have the lobby backgrounds become very boring since chapter 2 :/

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2021.09.20 06:09 InquisitorEngel Missing Pup around Alma & Legacy! Please call if you see her — Super skittish but not aggressive!

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2021.09.20 06:09 carebearstarefear Triplets babies made me smile

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2021.09.20 06:09 Wildest83 Justin Fields Documentary Part II

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2021.09.20 06:09 CaptKirk2021 Hey fellow Troops I for one am tired of seeing #shitpost from those who are Karma Farming. If you want to farm go to r/freekarma4you that's what that sub is for.

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2021.09.20 06:09 ApprehensiveTry5745 alcohol intolerance ?

I’ve been on 50 mg for about 2 months & have noticed that every time i drink I have the worst panic attacks of my life. Anyone else experience this? Even if I only have one seltzer my anxiety kicks in horribly
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2021.09.20 06:09 Spritely_lad Is it racist for a white guy to complain about not being able to say the n-word, to a Discord channel filled with confirmed neo-Nazis? On r/speedrun, apparently the answer is up for debate.

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2021.09.20 06:09 noobs01 Market News Recap | Sept 20, 2021

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2021.09.20 06:09 2O21collapse Helpful Rulings For Those Declining Vaccination

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2021.09.20 06:09 HeiseSchokoladeParty Streak 1: Wochenende Projekte

Am Samstag habe ich mein erstes Holzprojekt beendet, es ist ein 5-Stufe Leiter-Bücherregal. Das bedeutet, dass jedes Brett kleiner als das Brett daunter ist. Genauso wie eine Leiter (schockiertes Pikachu-Gesicht).
Heute habe ich meiner Partnerin geholfen, ein paare Aufgaben zu erledigen. Wir haben endlich ihren neuen Schreibtisch aufgebaut. Für 2 Wochen hat er einfach in seiner Packung in unserem Lebenszimmer gelegen, weil wir keine Zeit hatten, ihn anzugehen. Er hat metallische Beine und ein Holztischblatt. Außerdem hatten wir das Motoröl ihres Autos ersetzt.
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2021.09.20 06:09 DeJellybeans I made a meme template from yesterday's hologra. Go nuts with it.

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2021.09.20 06:09 Susflower_Seeds Felt fresh in my school’s throwback uni last Friday :)

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2021.09.20 06:09 johnys_raincoat What happened to make you say " if my life was a movie, this would be really funny"?

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2021.09.20 06:09 __MHatter__ I made this personalized job board so you dont have to visit a bunch of different job boards. Currently searches 7 job boards. Planning to add more.

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2021.09.20 06:09 prodse8ek [FREE] gunna x young thug x lil baby type beat "my window"

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2021.09.20 06:09 heraldstaam Replacing the heater core without removing dash.

The heater core in my crown vic had been bypassed. I think I can flush it out maybe? But if not I have read it is possible to change it out without removing the whole dash. Being as it sits right behind the passenger side airbag. I was thinking about disabling the passenger side air bag and removing it to access the core. I know a guy who had a ranger where he had to swap out the heater core in his truck and he did it that way..well if anyone is interested It would interesting to find out.
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2021.09.20 06:09 sanguineguy Please Help Me to cure Hairloss ?

I am 24 years old guy. Have been suffering from IBS (Bad Digestion) from November 2019.. and I have suffering from hairloss from 2018. I have lost around 60% of my hairs. I am shaving my head on and off. When my hairs grow it doesn't fall .but when ut grow more than an inch.. it starts falling like hell ..it feels itchy .little bit oily.. and build ups .if I scratch my scalp with nail.. black greasy substance come in my nail. I don't wanna regrow my hairs ..I just wanna save the existing hairs on my head. Please help me !!
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2021.09.20 06:09 Synergenesis The (sometimes) Unspoken Problem with D&D

Greetings, fellow D&D players and DMs.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why we like D&D as a game... as well as why we don't like it. All of this thinking culminated with a "discovery" - I put it in quotes because many of you have likely considered this already (hence the parenthetical in this post's title) - but even if it isn't new to you, perhaps I'll be able to put your thoughts into words.

Really what it boils down to is that I believe that D&D, as many of us play it today, is not sure what form of entertainment it wants to be: a game (in the truest sense), or a story. Now, I know what you're thinking (and I know you'll continue to think it as you continue to read my post), "Who says that it has to choose between the two? D&D is both - it's an interactive world that the DM and players create and live in together, and that's what makes it so special."
And you're right! I agree with this sentiment... to an extent. I think the fact that D&D can be both a game and a story is usually a great thing - but I also think that it can create some (perhaps inevitable) problems, which I aim to illustrate here.

Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

Our D&D adventure follows 3 determined adventurers, who are nearing the end of their year-long journey. There's Kassius, the foolhardy gith paladin - the leader of the group; his antics may have gotten the party into some trouble more than a few times, but he's the glue that keeps them together. Next is Ogden, the hulking goliath barbarian - he's not much for words, but he has a good heart, and he's the group's moral compass. Last, but certainly not least, is the cunning and mischievous Tara, the human rogue - her charm and sharp wit have led the group to triumph time and time again.
The trio approaches the rickety bridge that leads to the volcanic layer of Agreth - the evil necromancer. At any moment, he could finish the ritual that will turn the entire kingdom into his undead army. "There's no time to waste," Ogden shouted.
Determined as ever, the group marches across the bridge.
"In your rushing," the DM says, "you fail to notice that the bridge is rather old, and some of the boards come loose. I need the three of you to make a Dexterity saving throw."
The players laugh at the challenge. These are high level characters. Tara's Dex saves are unmatched, and with Kassius's aura of protection, this should be trivial.

Kassius rolls a 3, giving him a total of 5
Ogden rolls a 2, giving him a total of 7
Tara rolls a natural 1, giving her a total of 9

The party looks on in horror at the DM, who is lost for words. The bridge snaps loose and the party falls 300 feet below into a pit of lava, and they burn to death in seconds. There's no confrontation with Agreth, no big fight at the end. That's it.

Let's analyze this scenario through two different lens: game and story.

First, let's imagine this scenario as if it had occurred in a video game. No big deal, right? Sure, it's a bit annoying, maybe it sets you back a bit. But you can boot up from your last save point and try again, or maybe you start fresh and try a different strategy - in either case, it's annoying at the very worst.

Now imagine this scenario as events playing out in a novel, where the last sentence of the last page is, "In an instant, the three adventurers plunge into the lava below, dying instantly." You'd be confused, perhaps reading the page over a few times to make sure you didn't miss something. Maybe later you'd be exasperated, feeling cheated.

Herein lies the problem: the parts of D&D that are more-game like say that what happened in the scenario above is completely okay, and even necessary based on what happened - but the parts of D&D that are more story-like say that what happened was not only terrible, but irredeemably ruinous. I think it all boils down to expectations and control. With (most) video games, you have the expectation that death isn't a big deal. You get to try again and again, and eventually you'll get it. With a story, you expect that the narrative will play out in a satisfying and gripping way, and that any loose ends will enhance the story, not tarnish it. In terms of control, the rules of the game dictate what happens. The rules (usually) aren't biased, nor are they merciful. Many outcomes are determined by random chance (in D&D, this takes the form of dice rolls). Whatever happens, happens. In a story, however, the author has complete control over the narrative. If this scenario actually played out in a book, the three adventurer's never would've fallen, because the author would've chosen for them to succeed.

So, let's put ourselves in the shoes of the DM in this scenario. What are your options?
-Retroactively lower the Dexterity save DC such that all (or simply some) of the party members pass? No, this certainly won't work. The players will almost certainly think that you are pulling your punches to save them. If the players believe that there are scenarios where you are artificially making them invincible, it will interfere with their appreciation of the stakes and their immersion will be marred. Even if they players do believe that the DC truly was originally that low, they will wonder, "If the check was that easy to pass, then why did we even bother rolling?"
-Undo what happened? No, this is a bad option for the same reasons as before. Anything like this, or any "Deus ex Machina" that feels artificial will break immersion and not be satisfying.
-Accept it and end the campaign there.
-Accept it and have the players write up new characters. You'll likely have to rewrite some of the narrative - perhaps Agreth has succeeded, and these new characters have to deal with that. Perhaps some of them are related to the old characters in some way, and want to avenge them. Although difficult, there are ways to rewrite the plot and introduce a character without having it feel forced. So surely we've finally found a truly satisfying option, right...?
No! From the perspective of a narrative, we don't care about these new characters, not in the same way. These aren't the characters we've been following for a year-long campaign. We want Kassius, Ogden and Tara!

I haven't exhausted all of the DM's potential options, and some of these options aren't terrible, but I guarantee there is no option that would be as satisfying as Kassius, Odgen, and Tara having that long-awaited battle with their nemesis.

I'm not saying that PC death is bad. As both a long-time DM and player, I acknowledge that it's good for maintaining realism and consistency of the world. I've even seen PC deaths that were satisfying for everyone involved, as sometimes they can end/start character arcs, adding the perfect amount of drama for a story beat, or sometimes wrapping things up neatly. However, for every PC death like that, there's a PC death that feels shallow, unfair, and unsatisfying.

Yes, the scenario I listed below was a specific one. But I hope you're able to see that this game vs. story conflict of interests is one that probably manifests in every campaign (potentially even every session) in some form. Most of the time it's harmless - a bump in the road that you work out with your group the best you can before moving on. But sometimes, it's devastating, and you feel like there's nothing anyone could've done to avoid it. I'm not trying to throw shade at D&D; I think it's an amazing game with replay value that you simply can't get from any video game or story. Even if this is a flaw that is inherent to D&D - an unavoidable consequence of its nature - it's something I think we should accept, deal with as best as we can, and keep playing!
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