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2021.09.20 06:21 StrawberryUwUGirl Explaining Beauty and the Beast

Theory: Both Gaston and The Prince's fathers knew one another
Before I continue, if you wanna see the movie for free before you read this, just press the link, I use this website to see anime or to finish Steven Universe and it's 100% (with ads ofc)
If you chose not to watch, that's fine, but I'm gonna be referencing scenes from the movie a lot. And a ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ is in session for those who haven't watched the movie (just in case) and those who aren't a fan of my looooooong theories, I like tying up all loose ends in a theory, so I apologize for the length. And no this isn't an ad, sorry if it feels that way
Anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty (from a SpongeBob episode I can't remember nor will I look up cause this ain't about SpongeBob) Where are Gaston's family members and how come the beast is all alone in the castle aside from his servants? In the movie, neither of them are mentioned to have a family. Let's get to the prince first, which, you could see in the movie, originally had family. If you press the link and pause at exactly 1:30:09, you could see the stained glass art of the prince. And, coincidentally, you don't see a king or queen. You see people, but none looking quite as fancy as a king and queen should. The only thing that I guess would consider being apart of the king would be a king's red crown on top of the cress. But then at 1:30:02, he's wearing more extravagant clothes and the exact crown we seen on the crest before. That's odd right?
My guess is that something happened to his parents and he soon became king to take over their responsibilities as soon as possible. That could explain how in both time frames, it looked as if little time passed from when he was a prince to when he was wearing the king's crown. Notice when the narrator is telling the story of how he became a beast, the prince tries to apologize right after he sees her change. It doesn't seem like a moment of him having no love in his heart, as the narrator said she knew. It seemed more like he was weirded out that an old woman giving him a flower was trying to get in his home in the middle of the night. I mean, yea, he was wrong for the way he acted because apparently she was tryna escape the cold, but the setup felt a bit off. Don't you think it was a bit coincidental an old woman who turns out to be an enchantress comes to him to ask for shelter only to curse him when he denies her?
It was almost as if she A) knew she'd be turned down and B) was planning on cursing him I mean, come on, the "gift" he gives her ends up being apart of the whole curse, even the narrator knows it, saying from 1:29:06 to 1:28:47 "The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose which would bloom until his twenty first year. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken." So this was definitely in the plan. But who could have been behind the curse?
I'm thinking Gaston. He looks similar to the beast's age (fun fact: his name's Adam) Now, before you think I'm overthinking this, look at 1:17:55 where Belle's dad is attacked while trying to get through the gates to get away from a pack of wolves. And in 44:16, Belle almost gets killed by the same wolves before the beast comes to rescue her. May I bring up that based on how long it took for her father to get from home to the castle while running from the wolves, one can assume the wolves live this a day from his house let alone the village. Not to get in a tangent of bringing up facts, but in, https://wolf.org/wolf-info/basic-wolf-info/wolf-faqs/#:~:text=How%20fast%20can%20wolves%20run,short%20bursts%20while%20chasing%20prey. , it says, "Wolves will travel for long distances by trotting at about five miles per hour. They can run at speeds of 36 to 38 miles per hour for short bursts while chasing prey." Which means they're definitely fast enough to reach the village to grab someone and back in record time.
And Gaston is a hunter who would probably have to trot into that neck of th woods to hunt. Now, I'm not saying HE was attacked (and this is based on mere speculation here), I'm thinking his father was attacked instead. Think about it, you can't just hunt without knowing how to hunt, someone had to teach you, am I right? So I think Gaston's father was a hunter, which is where he learned his hunting skill from. Maybe in prior days, it was addressed to the royals that there's a real wolf problem, but because they live behind the gates, refused to do anything as they're not in danger. This resulted in the death of Gaston's father later on. He probably had to use his dad's gun to scare off the wolves and has been hunting since his death, not just for the decorations in that tavern of his
(and don't tell me that's not his tavern because in 1:22:48, he said to Belle, "What do you say you and me to back to the tavern and take a look at my trophies." If it wasn't his tavern, why would he have trophies there? Not to mention that in 1:02:11, he says, "I use antlers in all of my decorating" and the camera pans up to see the many animal heads. So clearly this is his tavern. Or at least his father's before his. He could've inherited it from his father and all the people there who look a little older than him, could've raised him, but more on that later) but also to keep the wolves at bay so the villagers don't die the way his father did. Now to get back to the part of what I said when the older men at th tavern raised him. I believe when his father died, he didn't just leave behind a son, he left behind good friends who deeply respected him.
They probably raised Gaston telling him such stories of how manly his father was and how great he was, Gaston grew up to be the man he is thanks to his father's friends constantly telling him those stories to remind him of how much of a great man his father was. That and he has to protect the village since the king wouldn't. He has to be the strongest man to keep them safe, which is why he's held up in such high regards. That could be why in 1:01:54, Belle's father goes straight to Gaston's tavern to ask for help.
Yes, he does go to three people before he gets to Gaston, but it's pretty significant that he'd go there in the first place as if to prove my point that Gaston truly is the protector of the village. Then, a few seconds later, Gaston said, "Alright old man, well help you out" right before his friends dragged and tossed him out. I think Gaston was really gonna help him. But I also think Gaston knew the beast. Look at his expression in 1:01:10, he's pondering as if he knows exactly what he's talking about while his men have no clue. That's why they threw him out without letting Gaston continue his conversation.
He even sings to LeFou (who I think is gay, I've read on the internet that people think Gaston and him are gay for eachother, but based on th evidence, I think he's gay and that he is in love with Gaston but chooses to be his close friend and helper seeing as how his heart burns for Belle. He still helps regardless because all he wants is Gaston's happiness even if he can't be with him. That's why he sings that song for Gaston so he can be happy. Again, he wants him to be happy.) that he's been thinking about what he said. I also believe he told LeFou why the significance of the beast and how they tie into eachother during that whisper session which is why he says, "Now I get it!" Speaking of which, let me get back to why I think Gaston is responsible for the curse.
Since Gaston's father died, from the wolves due to the king and queen not helping, I think they too died at a later time, ironically, because they wanted to take a stroll to the village and got themselves killed as Gaston's father was. (Which would also be karma) Anyway, because of this, Adam (aka the beast aka the prince at the time) became the king. And got raised by the staff (Mrs. Pots, Lumiere, Cogsworth etc) as Gaston got raised by his dad's friends. The only reason Adam was still spoiled is because, similar to Gaston and his father, Adam too lives in his father's shadow. And again like Gaston, chose to be like his father.
By how Adam acts, I would assume the king also had a temper, was impolite and argued with the queen just as much as Adam argued with Belle at 56:40 where he screams, "I thought I told you to come down to dinner." To which Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth each all look down. One could say it's because with the way Adam is going with his anger, they'll never be human again. But I think it's also because they went through the same thing with his father. He must've been abusive and for a young boy to see such a thing.
He'll either think it's okay for him to copy that kind of behavior or learn from it. In Adam's case, copy it. Now let's talk about after Adam's parents death, before th curse. Gaston probably heard of the royals being death. And tried sympathize with Adam on his parents death and again brought to his attention, the wolf problem, hoping that since they both lost their loved ones, but Adam probably chose not to talk about the situation nor take action as he was still healing. This must've pissed Gaston off and since he's a man of action and he knows everyone in the village, he knew th enchantress and paid her to do a spell on Adam.
Adam still being a young boy, I'll say both he and Gaston were around eleven years old (because as the narrator said earlier, "The rose will bloom until his twenty first year." And at 57:55, Lumiere says, "But the rose is already begining to wilt" that means he's either turning twenty one soon or he's already twenty one. And at 50:54, "Lumiere says, "Ten years, we been rusting" And twenty one subtracted by ten is eleven. Let's add Chip to the mix because I know you're wondering as well, how a child got cursed, was he born a cup or was he birthed a cup? Neither. I believe Chip was Adam's younger brother his father conceived with other women upon his death. The women probably came back a few years later to give Chip up to the castle as she too was probably really in love with the king. Mrs. Pots then raised him since Adam was so busy getting accustom to being king. And because in the beginning, the narrator said the castle and all who lived there was cursed, Chip also became cursed upon entering because he now lives there or because he's close enough to the royal family.
(That's as close as I'll get to explaining how the curse was going on for ten years and Chip us seven, they were cursed for three years before Chip was born. Now about the brother and sister thing at 54:13, I don't know how to explain, but I'll try. I mean they don't really move or say anything at that scene. And throughout the whole movie, we don't see any faces on cups except for Chip. Seriously check out 50:27 of the movie and you'll see the cups close up, none of them have faces. So I'm guessing the "brothers and sisters" aren't real, they're just animate objects moving because the curse affected them too, the plates also don't have faces and yet they move, same with the many bear mugs during the be our guest song. And since we see the same Mrs. Pots in Tarzan, I'll say all the staff got their life force transported into the objects they're closely related to {for example, Mrs. pots serves tea, so she's a teapot} and the rest of the objects that don't have the living souls of someone in them can move, just aren't alive, that's the best explanation I could come up with, sorry)
Anyway, back to why Gaston is the reason Adam got cursed, sorry just wanted to explain everything, Gaston was probably pissed that Adam refused to help and paid the enchantress to curse Adam. Being an enchantress, she probably wanted to test Gaston's opinion out to see if Adam is as bad as he said he is, pretended to be an old lady to see if she'll help and when he didn't, cursed him and the castle along with anyone close to the royal family or who moves in like Chip. Upon hearing Belle's father waaayyy later on in the movie describing the beast, he was probably thinking that the beast was still on his selfish shit, made the plan with LeFou to the castle to save Belle and marry her, but also to kill Adam since he probably expected the spell the enchantress would do on Adam to kill him as payback.
20:37 pushes the theory even further based on Gaston's face, it's surprise then anger, not just at the fact that he's a beast, but because it's Adam. Clearing all the doubt in his mind of if it really was Adam or not. The at 20:22, Gaston says, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had feelings for this monster" he's not just saying that because of how he looks, he's saying it because he knows how Adam truly is since he's known him longer than Belle has. He gets even madder when Belle says that Adam isn't a monster, Gaston is. Then, he gets into a whole ass rant about him. Even going so far as to saying, "Were not safe until his head is mounted on my wall" it's out of anger because Adam and his family are the reason his father's dead.
And hearing Belle, the girl he loves, call him a monster after all he's done for the people in the village, it angers him. I'm not saying he's right, but taking into account everything I've mentioned in this theory about Gaston's father, you have to at least sympathize with him at the very least. And at 19:44, Gaston sings to his men, "It's time to follow me" proving he has some kind of connection to Adam since he's the only one who knows where the castle is. And if you're thinking he knew because of the mirror, I'd say not. Not once does he look to the mirror for clues on where the castle is. Sure, it's glowing, but he doesn't once rely on it to show him the way other than to wave it around.
And he says at 17:41, "Take whatever booty you can find, but remember the beast is mine" the scene where Gaston shoots him in the back with an arrow in particular is symbolic to me. He's technically stabbing him the back like how Adam and the royal family did to their people when they neglected their people for example, refuse to do anything about the wolf problem. The look Adam gives to Gaston is depression, suicidalness because he knew his actions would get the beat of them and seeing as how Gaston has came back and how Belle, his last chance to becoming human again, is gone, he welcomed death. It's at 13:57 where you truly see the theory at play. Gaston mimicks Adam saying, "What's the matter beast laughs too kind and gentle to fight back?"
This isn't just a visual tease, he's also teasing how hypocritical Adam is. He used to be mean and rugged, now he's, as Gaston said, kind and gentle. Adam only starts to fight back because he sees Belle and thinks he has a chance at happiness, at turning himself and his staff human again, but most of all, to write the wrongs his family has committed starting with not killing Gaston at 12:21. Even though Gaston stabbed him in the back anyway, both symbolically and literally. Which literary and symbolically led to his downfall. Before I end this, let me explain Gaston's obsession with Belle. I spent this whole theory talking about Adam's PARENTS and Gaston's FATHER, but not his mother.
That's because Gaston's mom most likely perished at an earlier time in his life. (Don't get mad, this is a Disney movie and almost every Disney movie has characters who lose their parents early or later on, this should be no surprise) He's attracted to Belle because she reminds him so much of his mother and you know what they say, men marry their moms. Okay, not literally, but the saying basically mean that most men, not all, are attracted to women who have similar traits to that of their mom. In the beginning, he says that Belle is the best simply because she's smart and quirky and unique like his own mom.
In the end, the movie of Beauty and the Beast is less about beauty and more about two boys who live almost parallel lives. Both lost parents when they were younger. Both were raised by others, for Gaston, it was his dad's friends. For Adam, it's the staff. Both been through a lot through life. The funny thing is though, as the movie progresses, Gaston becomes more beastly while Adam becomes more human. The so called "good guy" Gaston everyone loved because he protected the town of wolves when the monarchy didn't, let jealousy and hate fuel his motives while the so called "Spoiled Prince" over time, learned from his actions and was able to control his anger and manners with the help of Belle's love. That's what the movie is really about.
By the way, Lumiere was definitely having sex with the feather duster at 54:38, I don't know how, but watch the scene with the sound up (with headphones ovbi) it sounds like sex lol just wanted to point that out.
Anyway, this is the Beauty and the Beast dad/parents theory. What do you think? Comment if you want to.
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210919 I ordered-R- off Amazon a few months ago, and my pulls seemed normal, but the 2 on the very left are a mystery. They're plastic and translucent and I cannot find them anywhere. I've asked everywhere, no answer. If you know where these are from please let me know submitted by XXblpXX to BlackPink [link] [comments]

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Cryptozoology: Hippogryph's most likely Descendants of the Titanus Griffin Species because of their scientific Name having that of Haasts Eagle Which The Titanus Griffin Species came from they probably started the Descendance around 1,000 yrs ago. They Actually have different Colors to Titanus Griffin Species The Griffins are metallic where as the Hippogryph's are Diamond Amethyst and Topaz. They mostly live on top of mountains and Meadows.
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