New Game+++ on The Surge 2

2021.09.20 07:16 sunkenproject New Game+++ on The Surge 2

so my gears are level 20 and the other enemies are 25 looks like I'm in for a challenge wish me luck lol (I'm using Cerberus Armor and Generals Acu V2) and any tips?
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2021.09.20 07:16 yeonjoon anyone want fish decor?

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2021.09.20 07:16 Fit_Kitchen1496 Any info about upcoming PS5 fighticks?

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2021.09.20 07:16 faithnutrition Fantasy Football: Week 2 injury updates on Carson Wentz, Tua Tagovailoa, 49ers running backs, and more

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2021.09.20 07:16 Myrcilla i drew kokomi in a dress ! 😙😙

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2021.09.20 07:16 emperor-dummy Marvel eternals art design

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2021.09.20 07:16 OldManWithAQuill Could someone please recommend a web-based email hosting (that isn't Zoho) for my domain.

I've been using Zoho for years now, and it's nice that they are free, but their mobile site is such a colossal piece of unresponsive garbage that I can't handle it anymore. I mostly check that particular email on my phone and every single time it's an uphill battle. And yes, I understand that I'm getting exactly what I pay for. Be as it may, I'm ready to stop whining and start paying.
What do you use?
P.S. — I know I can install email software on my server, but I'd rather not bother running it myself. I just want a web-based solution that works.
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2021.09.20 07:16 Postitive_Meadows Trading rhd for robux !

I use the ratio 1k=2 rbx w tax
Budget:3-4 mil
Can do smaller amounts !
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2021.09.20 07:16 Austen-Smith How do I choose what controller is what hand (psvr movecontrollers)

Your text post (optional)
This community requires body text.
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2021.09.20 07:16 BrilliantFroyo2494 For the ones that are complaining about getting a $2 raise in Meat/Produce or Food & Consumables, be grateful that they even gave y'all a raise at all (seriously).

I'm not downplaying on anyone's department; in fact, I work in Meat/Produce and I know how gruesome and unappreciating the job can be. My store expects so much out of their Meat/Produce department (in the afternoons, CAP the bins and work the picks; cull; clean the departments every day; work VizPicks in Frozen/Dairy; stock milk and eggs constantly; help grocery here and there, etc). I understand the pain, and it sucks. Now (or when the next period hits) we're getting a $2 raise from $11 to $13 an hour. Is it great? No, particularly in high cost of living areas (I live in a small town so the cost of living is a little lower), but it's sure as heck better than sticking with $11 an hour, and I'm full time so the extra money is nice. I'm sure if the media and some political figures (Bernie Sanders, for example) for critiquing Walmart for their wages, we would all still be making less than $10 an hour, and I'm certain that $10 an hour is far worse than only making $11 an hour (and that sucks too). Point blank, as I mention earlier, the raise isn't the greatest, but it's better than sticking with $11.

Now, for the ones that only got a $1 raise (front end)..yeeeeeah, y'all got screwed hard.
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2021.09.20 07:16 ANSO-_- Got the card I wanted so happy

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2021.09.20 07:16 defencex45 Im looking for this style/type of plate carrier? Anybody seen one similar?

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2021.09.20 07:16 Rezmason Additional evidence the Matrix code alphabet has expanded: new glyphs in the WB ident

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the promotional material in the Matrix teasetrailer site included some new glyphs— but that not every explanation implied they were canon.
Tonight I took a closer look at the glyphs drizzling down the WB logo at the start of the trailer, and sure enough, they contain the same new symbols from certain Unicode blocks.
There's more than just these, but the new symbols I personally have the easiest time recognizing are:
Buginese Letter a ( ᨕ ) A backwards Tifinagh letter yaq ( ⵇ ) Osmanya letter ba ( 𐒁 )
It's one thing to find these in a few frames of an MP4 on a promo. But I don't think these would have wound up splattered across the WB logo if they weren't canon, right?
We can connect this with what the Operator (I think) says in the teaser from Instagram, looking at Matrix code that doesn't contain these new glyphs: "Looks like old code." They can tell it's old just by looking at it: it's visually distinct from the Matrix code they usually read.
Eagle-eyed fans can also conclude from the presence/absence of these new glyphs whether any matrix code you see is old (and thereby related to Neo and Trinity's situation in the film) or new (and native to whatever passes as a normal matrix from the perspective of the new characters).
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2021.09.20 07:16 bu9sbunny637 New legendary perk

Food for thought here a legendary perk that increases the number of chems that are allowed to affect you at a given time. Ex. At rank 1 you get 1 additional chem effect, rank 2, 2 additional chems, rank 3, 3 additional chem and at rank 4 its 4 additional chems.
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2021.09.20 07:16 SixStones2589 Techno whenever he be foncused boi:

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2021.09.20 07:16 -ThinksAlot- How much light pollution is too much?

This is probably not a good way to word this question.
So I am trying to research buying a telescope, and one thing that I cannot get enough information on is what factors I need to think about when dealing with my particular light pollution situation.
I am currently several miles outside Carlsbad, NM. Enough to say I am in the middle of nowhere, but I live on an oil rig site. Rig operations are 24/7 and so it stays lit up all night. It is limited to this singular area though. I can walk down the road a little way, but will this be enough that I don't need to worry about it when buying a telescope?
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2021.09.20 07:16 Security_Six Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes ~ Raylan Givens

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2021.09.20 07:16 moose_number2 PSA: Direbrew's Shanker is Busted

Direbrew's Shanker is an 87.5 DPS dagger that drops from the Brewfest event. It has the same DPS as Emerald Ripper, an item which gets disenchanted more often than not in your Karazhan runs.
So why is Direbrew's Shanker good? Top-end damage.
Direbrew's Shanker has a weapon speed of 2.0s (paying homage to the Barman's Shanker from classic) which gives this starter-quality epic 228 top-end damage. That's 15% more top-end damage than Malchazeen, 5% more top-end damage than Fang of Vashj, and 2% more top-end damage than season 3 gladiator weapons. We're only in season 2, by the way.
You can't find a dagger with higher top-end damage until you kill Illidan. The Shard of Azzinoth boasts 242 top-end damage, a 6% upgrade from Direbrew's Shanker.
If you want to kill people with big ambush crits, get a Direbrew's Shanker before Brewfest ends.
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2021.09.20 07:16 SomeYucks I'm a litle confused bout how to solve this.

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2021.09.20 07:16 shaboozeybot Cox n' Crendor - Episode 307 - The Great British Brek-Off

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2021.09.20 07:16 BallOfAwesome Explaining Market String Theory with 6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon while Giving Myself a Tug

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2021.09.20 07:16 2yam_eater Sci-fi/mech books!

I love Fantasy & Fiction books, & I want to try getting into science-fiction! I’m in college but at a pretty elementary reading level, so I’d rather not start with anything complicated. But I’ll definitely save them for future reads, so please suggest any sci-go :) Other things I like but are not necessary for suggestions: POC (Asian women), LGBT (wlw), non-romance, non-sexual (sfw), action/gore, historical
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2021.09.20 07:16 Low_Adeptness7819 I can rp as anybody aslong as ik who they are

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2021.09.20 07:16 Best-Mixture-434 🐶MICHI🐶 - 🤑BUSD Rewards! Popular and FIRST meme token based off Crypto Messiah's pup. 🚀Stealth launched today! 🚀Safu Dev!

MICHI - BUSD Rewards! Popular and FIRST meme token based off Crypto Messiah's pup. Stealth launched today! Get in early!! Liquidity locked! Contract verified! Safu Dev!
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2% MAX TX,
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CONTRACT: 0x2efcb1147dff871bbdbe40de9b62f9d1ef5503c2
Are you waiting for lighting to hit? GET IN NOW! Dont miss out and qq later. LETS GET IT MICHI!!
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