$560 million worth of long crypto positions were liquidated in the last 24 hours.

2021.09.20 07:53 tezzergod $560 million worth of long crypto positions were liquidated in the last 24 hours.

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2021.09.20 07:53 Krunk_korean_kid Chinese executives are being taken hostage. Military will roll out the tanks eventually.

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2021.09.20 07:53 jay-zeel I LIVE IN THE 209 LETS TALK!

Looking for people like me... like us in the area... Let’s have a conversation I wanna know your story!
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2021.09.20 07:53 JeanPeter72 Prostate cancer : I just had my surgery

I would just like to share my experience with cancer if it helps. I am a fit, athletic, 49-year-old man. Last spring my doctor suddenly noticed an increase in my psa level, it didn't worry me too much and I had read that it could simply increase following ejaculation, which I had had the previous days. The doctor still referred me to a urologist for a closer look, I had no urinary and sexual symptoms and it didn't worry me very much but no risk to take.
A few weeks later I went to see the urologist and afterwards had all the exams required, they noticed a small spot on my prostate and I had a biopsy. It was really unpleasant everything that touched this prostate because they are very sensitive places, I admire all the men who go through there, it is not easy. In the following weeks, the diagnosis fell, I had cancer localized in my prostate. When this happened, I didn't know much about this mysterious gland that all men have hidden well under their penises. Everything was well explained to me about its exact role for urinary control and especially for semen production and ejaculation... I didn't think it was that complex lol. Several treatments were offered to me including radiotherapy but robotic surgery was the most interesting and that is what I chose.
The surgeon explained everything to me that he removed the entire prostate as well as the 2 seminal vesicles while sparing the erectile nerves. This was very important to me because I am very sexually active. He also explained to me that I was not going to be able to produce semen anymore and that my orgasms were going to be as pleasurable but without ejaculation and that there was a low risk of losing urinary control. If this is the price to pay to be healed, I accepted it.
So I had my surgery in mid-August and it went very, very well, left the hospital 2 days later with a small scar under my belly button and a few stitches in my lower abdomen. There was moderate pain and swelling but it passed very quickly, I had the catheter for 2 weeks in my penis and it was the most uncomfortable thing and what a joy to have it taken out that. It took me about a week to adjust to the "new" urinary control, it's different but it is learned well by keeping the muscle contracted all the time. I also have erections that are progressing naturally and that is very encouraging but I haven't tried anything else on this side. The best news is that the surgery has completely removed the cancer so far, and I keep my fingers crossed that I don't have to have another treatment. Screening is very important for this type of cancer because it doesn't give a warning, I can prove it. If you have any questions and comments or want to discuss it with me, I am open.
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2021.09.20 07:53 NobuBot [DISC] Yofukashi no Uta - Chapter 66

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2021.09.20 07:53 Striker117xMAGE First PC, finally up and running. Not sure why, but I love how the green looks. And yes, I'm aware of how bad the cables are.

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2021.09.20 07:53 hardcorra Pain

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2021.09.20 07:53 SirDrago The one in a hundred

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2021.09.20 07:53 anubis119 Halloween Wars is dead...

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2021.09.20 07:53 AnnArchist There are only 2 undefeated teams in the entire AFC

And only two 0-2 teams.
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2021.09.20 07:53 airaflof Probably the best joint I ever rolled, (feat. My dogs wreaking havoc in the background)

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2021.09.20 07:53 PerfectlyPerf 25 years later and this song is still amazing.

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2021.09.20 07:53 AdamwhoisecretlyTom Lisle 3/8 impact screwdriver - need help de-rusting :)

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2021.09.20 07:53 crazydogladyyogi Birk newbie! Sizing and fit advice please

Hi all (esp the ladies)
Would appreciate your thoughts - can't go into a store to try things at the moment (I'm in Aus) and, I've been recommended these shoes to provide ortho support for an minor injury to the ankle.
I have picked out the Milano style for extra stability. However, having difficulty with the sizing.
My foot is 24cm and that's a '37' according to the measurement of the foot bed. I'm usually a 38 so i think I should get that to allow some room, but some retailers advise sizing down! Birkenstock itself advised adding 10mm! Should i get 37, 38.or 39?? I don't want them too roomy so I'm leaving towards 38.
My foot is on the slender side and i read that a narrow suits most females better. Is that your experience?
Is there any difference in the feel between natural leather and the oil leather?
Thank your so much in advance 🙏
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2021.09.20 07:53 IntentionSpeaker Virus C Rack - Non-working LEDS

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2021.09.20 07:53 SomeRandomerGuy My mother and I had a falling out, I need help in trying to mend things with her

Me, (M21) and my mom (somewhere in her early 40s) had a falling out.
My Mom is someone stubborn, she acts quite narcissistic, she demands a lot of things and she doesn't like to speak with us. Given that she is a single mom and that she has other responsibilities but that's besides the point.
I,on the other hand, have been putting up with her. For a long, long time now, I've realized the things we've been through and the sole reason was because my mother was juggling all her responsibilities at the same time, at the detriment of everyone in the family. I can only count a few good things that happened to the family because of her on one hand.
I did tell her about that once but she brushed it off. And yes, I live in an Asian country in an Asian household.
I've been keeping those feelings bottled in me for years. YEARS. I've fantasized about bursting out at my mom and doing kinds of things that would get me locked up and shunned by the rest of the family and be a huge disappointment to my father. Even though I live with my Mom, I have higher respect for my father for one reason, he gave my life a sense of direction. He was a wise man and a smart man, he was someone worth respecting and I am slightly pressured that I may not be able to meet his expectations but I've mellowed it for a while now. So went off topic but my father's important later.
So come last night, My Mom was feeling under the weather and her I was cooking dinner. The dinner she was eating was leftovers from lunch and was already heated, she says it's not and I said to wait but I said that yelling and now I've started ranting. I then straightened my hands towards her and started charging at her. I was in a fit of rage, everything I've bottled just went out like that. I don't how and I don't know why but it just did.
Remember when I said earlier that my Mom only did a handful of things that were beneficial to the family, well one of them is that we moved to this cheap rent very nice apartment complex in the outskirts of the city and we have family there as well. So back to the story, I was now trying to choke my mom or just trying to hold her, I don't know anymore but I was being held by our help/nanny and was pulling me away. My Mom ran to her room (a side note here, my mom always says that I can't take her whenever I was being "disrespectful", I find it funny that she ran the moment I started the attacking)
And my Mom called for her cousin and my aunt in the same apartment complexes complex as us. They arrive and they managed to sit me down but I wasn't calm. There I started yelling at her.
First I pointed out that I find it ironic that she couldn't take me but she was always saying that I couldn't take her.
Next, I called her a bitch, in English. While the rest of the family was there.
Lastly I called my mother uneducated and that I, being in the final year of college myself, am more educated than she ever will be.
I'll break this entire thing down.
Her saying she can't take was a thing she's been always saying for a long while now. I expected her to charge at me as well but she ran with her tail between her legs.
I called her a bitch because she is well a woman who isn't very faithful. I would've forgive that if she didn't act like one as well. She was so fucking full of herself that I just can't man. I fucking can't comprehend why we became like this if she just did things better and they were all avoidable!!! The situation that we're in is good now but it could've been better if she wasn't so damn stubborn.
Lastly, is because of my warped view of my father. My father is a good man, he has taught as many things that I still apply today. I favor him more than my mother and I don't regret doing so one bit. My father was someone to really respect and idealize. I had a crippling inferiority complex towards him, I just couldn't accept that I am his son. I mean he said that he doesn't want anyone like him to be his son but just someone who can get by life without fear. I couldn't accept that I would be mediocre, I always thought what I could've accomplished if I just had his thought process, his intelligence, his smarts, his wisdom. And he did a lot of things my age as well.
My Dad graduated cum laude in College, my mother didn't. I've forced myself to believe in intelligence superiority and the funny thing is I'm not even intelligent enough for my own standards.
So yeah I did those and the situation sort of calmed down. I contacted my father who was so damn angry and disappointed at me as to why I did that. He said to me that as long as I live under my mom's roof, I am obligated to obey her. That's how it is in my country. I respect his wishes and he also instructed me to mend my relationship with my mother, which would be a challenge as my mother is very very upset with me and won't plan on forgiving me anytime soon.
This is a shit show of my own making but I'd like to get some advice on how should I proceed with this. I can't TL;DR this because there's so much that needs to be said. I don't know how to go about this. My father asked me too but I fear that I'd fail him yet again. I have a habit of doing so unintentionally. It sucks.
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2021.09.20 07:53 bigguga BNB Cash... How it started.

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2021.09.20 07:53 GamebredDota LFP 5 / Drafter | 6k MMR | SEA

Hi there, looking for a support playedrafter (Pos 5) to join a 6k stack in SEA.
There will be active scrims/training & weekly tournaments to join.
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2021.09.20 07:53 WokandKin This is Grandma's Caramelized Shrimp and Pork that's typically served with steamed rice

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2021.09.20 07:53 TwelveDudens Why can't there be multiple leaders in a country? Like 5 different people from different political parties being in charge?

Seems like a way better solution than having half the country hate a prime minister.
The way they'd vote on laws and stuff is by majority rules. They'd have civil discussions and talk about pros and cons about stuff.
Just seems like a good idea
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2021.09.20 07:53 BreadGangChock classic spaghetti

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2021.09.20 07:53 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/dailyprogrammer/comments/onfehl/20210719_challenge_399_easy_letter_value_sum/hdk6aq8/

Haskell I have just started learning haskell yesterday and I already love it. Here is my solution

import Data.Char letterSum :: String -> Int letterSum x = sum $ map (sub . ord . toLower) x where sub x = x - 96 
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2021.09.20 07:53 Kept_Wife The period related posts on AITA are stupid

this guy literally received hundreds of awards for disrespecting his father
And also….the nurse would just give her a pad and change of pants and send her back to class. Idk what fantasy world this guy is living in. But that type of stuff doesn’t happen.
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2021.09.20 07:53 Obvious-Parsnip17 [Offer] 20 Postcards [Anywhere]

Drop a random emoji 🖤 after filling out
Blessed be
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2021.09.20 07:53 Chromadon264 Achievement unlocked: Legendary Pilot

I finally did it, after getting all 49 achievements I started the true test of a pilots will, strength and wit: Master Mode. And after many gruelling battles of scrap against metal, tonight, I watched the sacrifice of my closest friend one last time with an ache in my heart. Seeing the selfless sacrifice hit the hardest after beating the game on master mode, after everything we had been through we could only go out with a bang. And as the game faded to black, the achievement was rewarded to me over wide shot of the planet we had bled to save. To BT and to every pilot who gave their lives. GG, rest ez.
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