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2021.09.20 07:54 veralmaa Disuntik Modal Rp 3 T, Terungkap Rencana Besar Krakatau Steel

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2021.09.20 07:54 Unusual_Yogurt4561 10 legendary ‘Seinfeld’ phrases we still use to this day

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2021.09.20 07:54 BruceInc Guide to some Gig work options

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2021.09.20 07:54 henryN124 ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II 7GPU

I recently tried to add an 8th GPU in my ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II and it starting looping into Diagnosing problem. I tried everything from messing with the bios etc and now that I've given up on adding the 8th gpu, I can no longer add a 7th without seeing the Diagnosing problem screen.
Can anyone help? I was able to mine with 7 gpus but now I cant anymore and I dont remember how I had my Bios settings.
Any help would be appreciated it.
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2021.09.20 07:54 BadaB00mBabay По версии украинских СМИ, Путин не едет на Генассамлею ООН из-за страха перед Зеленским. Как управлять Вселенной не покидая палаты.

По версии украинских СМИ, Путин не едет на Генассамлею ООН из-за страха перед Зеленским. Как управлять Вселенной не покидая палаты. submitted by BadaB00mBabay to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 07:54 wishigaveaf LoserwithnofriendssaysDeleteBoltThrower

I have you now there is nothing left u can do
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2021.09.20 07:54 ErickR2D2 History of Samurai Clans of Tsushima Day #5: Clan Shimura.

Finally, we’re almost to the endgame, it’s been really fun doing these post, and I really like that you guys enjoyed them. So let’s get to the next clan.
#2 Clan Shimura We have one of the two, alongside Clan Sakai, most important clans of both the game and this alternate timeline of the Invasion. Their main estate or should I say fortress was Castle Shimura, located on the border of Kamiagata.
Their banner was red with a white line, and their symbol resembles that of a sunset in the middle of the sea.
Originally a small family of samurai retainers, the Shimura family once used to serve to Lord Kugewara. During the times of the Heisuke Outlaws conflict of Tsushima, Lord Kugewara lost all his sons to the bandits. With no heir, he arranged a marriage for his daughter with Tokiasa Shimura. Once Kugewara passed away, all of his properties were passed onto Shimura, therefore giving birth with Clan Shimura.
Decades later, Lord Shimura’s sister, Chiyoko Shimura, would marry the Lord of Clan Sakai, Kazumasa. Sometime later, she would give birth to their son, Jin. Him and Lord Shimura would grow to have a very close relationship. Seven years later, Chiyoko falled sick to a deadly disease and would pass away, she would be buried in Clan Sakai’s cementery in Omi Village.
Years later, another clan of Tsushima Clan Yarikawa would start a revolution lead by Lord Tokiasa Yarikawa against Clan Shimura, this due to Lord Yarikawa having grown tired of Clan Shimura leadership, this war would later be called the “Yarikawa Rebellion”. During this war, Lord Shimura’s father would claim Fort Mitodake from Yarikawa, however, him and the rest of Lord Shimura’s brother would die at the hands of Tokiasa Yarikawa.
Thanks to the combined efforts of Clan Shimura and Sakai, along with some support of Clan Adachi, Lord Shimura would be able to defeat Lord Tokiasa in duel, where he would execute him by cutting off his head as punishment for his betrayal, putting an end to the war. It was most likely during this duel that Lord Shimura learned to use Clan Yarikawa’s “Dance of Wrath”, since he can be seen displaying it during his duel with Jin at the end of the story. Afterwards, the shogun would have Clan Yarikawa disbanded.
Sometime after the war, Lord Shimura sent Clan Sakai to Iki Island in order to clean the place of raiders and pirates, he would also send some of his retainers and Lord Harunobu Adachi to lend their support. Clan Sakai would fail at the assault, reporting various casualties, including the death of Kazumasa Sakai.
During Kazumasa’s pyre, Shimura comforted a guilt-ridden Jin by telling him that his father protecting him, his only son. He then told Jin that he would take him to Castle Shimura as his ward, and after a last visit to Kazumasa’s grave he tells that he will raise him as his own and turn him in the best warrior of Clan Sakai. He would later personally assault Iki Island and bring the head of Kazumasa’s killer, not knowing he only brought the head of one of the raiders involved in his dead and not the actual killer.
While he showed respect to other samurai, Lord Shimura didn’t show any respect to any other person that wasn’t of a noble class, in fact he would publicly show disdain towards any peasants even more if this were criminals, even disapproving Jin’s friendship with Ryuzo. He was also described as being too rigid to the samurai code and ignorant of other possibilities of combat by Kazumasa.
Sometime after, Lord Shimura met a man named Goro, a drunk smuggler who was caught selling Chinese silk forbidden by the Shogun. He burned the silk batch, and let Goro live, knowing he would one day be useful due to his knowledge travelling to the seas.
He would raise Jin during a quite long period, training him as his swordsmanship, hunting and tracking skills. During one of those training sessions, Lord Shimura will see Jin with a injury on his face from a fight with a bully, there he would teach him about the samurai code, and always fight with honor and never using dirty tricks or from behind like a coward.
An assassination attempt would later be committed by a Yarikawa assassin but Lord Shimura only came out with minor injuries and dismembered the assassins arm, Jin later killed the assassin. He tried to have Jin be taught archery on by Sensei Ishikawa, but the latter rejected him as student.
We know through Khotun Khan’s translator that he used to be married and had children of his own. However, they died years before the events of the game, it’s unknown if they died due to illness or even childbirth complications, although both options aren’t very unlikely.
When he found out about the Mongol Empire of Kublai Khan’s invasion to Japan, he sent a letter to all the clans of Tsushima in order to prepare for war. They manage to gather around 80 samurai, prepared to engage with the Mongol force on the beach of Komoda on the 4th of November of 1274.
The event known as the Battle of Komoda would have horrendous results, the best swordsman of the island, Lord Adachi, would be burnt alive and decapitated by the commander Khotun Khan, clans Nagao and Kikuchi would also fall in battle and be completely extinguished. The only suriving group of samurai were around six of Lord Shimura’s men and his nephew jin, though the latter would fall in battle instantly.
Seeing that the only chance to end this war is kill the leader, Shimura and Jin would go down the beach to look for him. Once they saw him they charged at him, but were knock down by the blast of a Mongol siege weapon. Shimura would be captured and was witness of his nephew Jin getting struck down by three arrows, believing he died at that moment.
There he would meet face to face with Khotun Khan, who showed respect to Shimura by bowing to him and speaking the Japanese language, while also acknowledging his skills as a warrior, while also insulting him by telling all the things Khotun learned to face against the samurai and all the important and non-important places of Tsushima. He would ask Lord Shimura if he surrendered, with Shimura only giving him a look of defiance. The Khan would later knock him out using his sword and would take him captive to Castle Kaneda.
Hours later, he would see Jin alive and well during an attempt to rescue him and dueling the Khan. Upon seeing the Khan mocking accepting Jin’s request to a duel he showed concern. He would watch as Jin was overwhelmed by Khotun’s skill and was thrown off from the bridge by the Khan. He would later be locked up on the castle’s main cell.
As days passed, Khotun would still try to convince a depressed and ashamed Shimura of surrender and join to the Mongol empire, even revealing Jin’s survival and threatening him and the rest of his people, with Shimura still showing defiance.
Afterwards, he would later be revealed that Jin has been attacking Mongols on the back without and using other cowardly methods as well. He would later be revealed by the Khan that Jin has been seen stalking his men and tear them apart like animals, with Shimura retorting that he has done worst. Khotun would tell him that Jin’s actions would put a stain in his legacy, with Shimura answering that he earned his legacy with honor, with the Khan threatening to attack Castle Shimura and leaving him to die on Kaneda.
Later that night, Shimura was rescued by Jin alongside, Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako Adachi, and a woman named Yuna. He would express relief on seeing the latter alive and right after they were seeing defeating the remaining Mongols and reclaiming Castle Kaneda. Is very possible they celebrated and rested their victory afterwards. The Khan would later claim Castle Shimura with the Straw Hats ronin.
The morning after, Shimura started writing a letter to the Shogun asking for reinforcements while also announcing a formal request to adopt Jin as his son and heir of Clan Shimura. He then had a conversation with Jin, telling him that they need to kill the Khan, Ryuzo and recover the castle, while also mentioning Jin’s actions and tactics used before his rescue against the Khan’s army.
Jin would express that he did everything to save him, to which Shimura would tell him that he understands what he did and will be on his debt, while also explaining that he should stop using those methods and start fighting with honor to be an example to their people. Jin would ask him if he could get Yuna a free passage to the mainland, to which Shimura would agree, but not before she helps them recover his castle, to which Jin accepted.
An hour later, he and Jin would ride down to Fort Ito to get rid of the Mongols settled, where they would fins most of the farms burned down in retaliation of Shimura’s escape. after defeating the Mongols in the fort with the help Yuna, the latter would reveal that the warriors of Yarikawa could lend a hand, which Shimura expresses doubt knowing the hate they harbor.
Yuna would answer that she knows since she grew up there, which Shimura uses to insult her, but before a quarrel begins Jin stops him saying the Yuna can vouch for his support and will help her. Shimura accepts this and tells Yuna to help him recruit the warriors to recover his castle and in return he will give her and his brother, Taka, a passage on the first boat off to the mainland once the oceans are free.
After lighting the fort’s lighthouse, Shimura orders Jin to go find Goro in Umugi Cove so that he can deliver his message to the Shogun and afterwards to meet him on their old training camp, recruit the Yarikawa warriors, and go claim his father’s armor to represent Clan Sakai.
Sometime later, Jin shows up to their training camp with his messengers Kotaro and Jiro and after a short time of rest they ride down to Fort Mitodake to meet up with Goro. Upon meeting him, Lord Shimura tells him that he and Jin will launch an attack on the fort so that they can serve as a distraction while Goro sails to the mainland.
After taking over the fort, they realize that they didn’t bought them enough time and they can’t help them, until Jin points out that they can use the hwatcha, at first Shimura is hesitant due to his code but later gives in using the weapon, Jin manages to destroy all the Mongol ships and remaining forces in the fort.
Once this is done, Shimura tells Jin about his adoption request and tells him how he always saw him as his successor to his legacy. Jin expresses his worries about disappointing him, to which Shimura’s calms him saying that he would make him proud. He would later repeat his orders to Jin to go recruit the Yarikawa soldiers with Yuna and to reclaim his father armor, he later says goodbye to him and tells him to travel safely.
After Jin accomplishes all these objectives, Lord Shimura commends him and tells him he’s already arranging Yuna’s payment. However, he tells Jin that his scouts where able to intercept the Khan’s orders to Ryuzo and tells he is located in Fort Koyasan. He tells Jin that he doesn’t have to do this alone, but Jin tells him that Ryuzo was his friend and therefore his responsibility, he later parts the camps to the Fort while he waits for the Shogun’s reinforcements.
The reinforcements of Clan Oga arrive and Shimura gives the orders of retaking Castle Shimura and kill the Khan, he later parts to a watchtower to wait for Jin. Jin arrives later escorted by Lord Oga, where he tells Shimura that the Straw Hats are dead but that he was captured and got into a conversation with the Khan, Shimura expresses concern and tells that had he known he would have marched with his whole army.
Jin tells him Yuna helped him escape, but his brother had been murdered by the Khan with honor. Shimura expresses condolences and tells they will make the Khan pay, while also revealing that the Shogun formally accepts his adoption request and they will announce it once the Khan dies. He tells him the people will look up to him not as The Ghost but as a samurai, he finishes saying that today they ride as Sakai and Shimura, and tomorrow celebrate as father and son.
Hours later, they ride to battle at Castle Shimura, where they heavily gain the upper hand against the Mongols. After cleaning the first two sections of the Castle, Shimura sends Jin to scout ahead in order to know if there are any surprises. Unknown to him, Jin poisons the Mongols with wolfsbane and later decapitates a Mongol general from the back while sending the rest of the invaders running.
Shimura expresses shock and demands an answer from Jin, to which he would reply that he was cleaning the path. Shimura would retort to face them as a warrior with honor and that these ways of terror aren’t part of a samurai. He later sends Jin to take care of a hwatcha on a tower. After Jin claims it and uses it agains the Mongols, Shimura leads the men to the main bridge of the castle.
When they arrive to the bridge, Shimura, Jin and Yuna show support using their bows to the soldiers marching towards the main keep, when the doors open, they reveal horses on fire, with explosives behind them, which kills the majority of the reinforcements. When Shimura expresses his order to repair the bridge and attack tomorrow, Jin speaks back saying that he should listen to his own tactics, Shimura takes him to a building for a private talk.
Once inside, Shimura expresses nothing wrong with the deaths of the samurai claiming they are warriors, much to Jin’s anger. When Jin reveals his plan to sneak in the keep and poison the Mongols, Shimura denies his plan while also expressing concern for Jin saying that if he keeps going down this honor less path he won’t be better than the Mongols and tells him that he trained him to fight with honor. Jin would retort angrily that honor died on the beach and that the Khan deserves to suffer.
Shimura would be shocked of seeing Jin ruled by his emotions and would shut him down. When Jin angrily tells him that he sacrificed everything to save their people while also giving them hope while Shimura did nothing. Shimura would angrily slap him across the face, an action for which would be shamed immediately and would try to apologize, but Jin leaves without allowing him to speak. Shimura would still have his men repair the bridge.
Once morning comes, Shimura finds the Mongols poisoned and end their suffering. Jin tried to tell him the attack was a success and tried to make him listen by saying the Khan was marching north. Shimura would angrily interrupt Jin by telling he defied him, to which the latter would claim he did what he had to for their people. Shimura would ask him if this is how he wants to be remembered, saying Jin is spreading fear and chaos, Jin replies that Shimura’s way won’t save their people.
Shimura tells Jin the Shogun will demand a head for this, but tries to make Jin sell out Yuna. He pleads to tell the samurai of Clan Oga that he is Jin Shimura, servant to the shogun, heir to Clan Shimura and son of Lord Shimura. Jin plainly replies that he isn’t his son; he is The Ghost. Shimura tearfully accepts this and tells Jin he will be judged for it, while also burning the approved adoption request. He puts Jin in captivity.
Days later – off screen – he sends a letter to the Shogun detailing all the events that had occurred. The Shogun replies with an order to Shimura of ship-off Jin to the mainland for judgement. Jin manages to escape the castle with the help of the sake seller and swindler Kenji before this happens. He once again sends a letter to the Shogun detailing Jin’s escape, which is replied with the decision of disbanding Clan Sakai and giving Shimura a direct order to him to kill Jin.
However, Shimura tells Lord Oga and his men that their main priority is still the Khan and his army, and that he will handle the capture of The Ghost as soon the Khan is dead. He later discovers that both Mongols and people of Tsushima have found the source of Jin’s poison.
He starts sending scouts to track the Khan, and puts check-up points in order to find out if the locals are carrying the poison. He doesn’t accept anyone mentioning Jin by his name.
One day after giving a speech to the main forces, he finds a note from Jin on his bedroom, he yells the guards to look for him, upon reading Jin’s letter detailing about Jin’s plan to attack the Port Izumi during the storn and kill the Khan, while also expressing that he was still his family regardless of what happened and telling him that if they can’t share the battlefield as father and son, but as warriors that have walked different paths.
Two days later, Lord Shimura arrives with his samurai army, and help Jin’s forces on finishing the Khan’s forces while Jin goes to kill Khotun Khan. Once the battle is over he sends a messenger to Yuna in code to have Jin meet him in Omi Lake. Him and his forces depart the place once they see that Jin killed the Khan.
Later on, Shimura meets with Jin and tells him that the Shogun has disbanded Clan Sakai and he is no longer a samurai, with a new clan taking Jin’s land and estate. He and Jin ride together, during the ride Shimura reveals that he will still remain Jito of Tsushima and will train the new soldiers sent from the mainland. He would express his dream of having Jin by his side as his son, to which Jin would unconfidently tell him he could always remarry and start a new family, something that Shimura admits disappointingly.
On the way they see a person with its cart stuck on the mud, once they reach him to help out, the man reveals that he taking his cart to Jogaku where the “Ghost’s army” is settled, saying that he has heard their plans to assault the Mongols country and burn their homes. Shimura would be “impressed” by the goal and him and Jin help the man out of the mud. Shimura warns him to be careful of the mud and the Mongols.
Once he is out sight, Jin would tell Shimura that he doesn’t have an army, Shimura would say that more people are joining Jin’s cause and both him and the Shogun are concerned. Jin tells him he has nothing to fear, while Shimura expresses his doubts over the locals will or won’t obey the new clans. Jin would insist that he will make sure they do, but Shimura tells him that if he, his most loyal warrior, defied him, what chances do the rest of the people in Tsushima have.
They stop riding near Clan Sakai’s cemetery, where they give their respects to Jin’s father with the sunset in front of them. Jin says that he will miss this with Shimura reply the same. At that moment he reveals to Jin the Shogun declared him a traitor. Jin puts things together and realizes the Shogun also ordered Shimura to kill him. Shimura tells Jin the Ghost was an outlaw who taught their people to defied their leader. Jin tells him he taught them to defend themselves.
Shimura bring up the wolfsbane poison, and how the Mongols got it. Jin angrily tells him he had to stop him from throwing away their peoples lies. Shimura tells Jin he has no honor while Jin refutes that he is a slave to it. Shimura tearfully tells Jin that he was his son and now he has to continue the Shimura line alone and start a new family.
Jin tells him his head is the cost, with Shimura telling him is his punishment. With a sad smile, Shimura tells Jin that their last day together is beautiful. He gives Jin a scroll so that he can write his samurai’s death poem and Clan Sakai last word while he does the same. Once Jin is done, he tells Shimura he is ready for their duel.
As they duel, Jin and Shimura exchange emotional word in between clashes. Eventually, Shimura tries to strike Jin down, but Jin manages to do it first. Wounded, Shimura tells Jin to honor him with a warrior’s death. Here Jin/the player can make two choices:
Kill Shimura: With this, Jin unsheathes his tanto, and tells Shimura that he will make sure he’s remembered a warrior, leader and father. Touched by this, Shimura will thank Jin and tells him to find him in the next life, Jin tearfully tells him he will and stabs Shimura, Jin can be seen agonizingly crying. With this choice, Clan Shimura is extinct.
Spare Shimura: In this ending, Jin tells his uncle he has no honor, but he won’t kill his family. Shimura tells him The Ghost will be hunted for the rest of his days, to which Jin agrees. Shimura watches as Jin walks away with his Ghost mask on. In this ending Clan Shimura lives on.
And that’s it for Clan Shimura. Fuck, man! This post took me more hours to write than Clan Adachi, I started around 6:00 p.m. took a break at 8:00, and finish it and posting it at almost 11, I wrote almost ten pages of Word and a little close to four thousand words.
I’ll make sure of edit the post tomorrow to add links to images, but for now just enjoy the post. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the last post and finale of the Clan Series: Clan Sakai.
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2021.09.20 07:54 imgonnamissuman Scams to look out for?

I’m selling a watch for $400 and I’ve had two accounts with not much history offer to pay more to ship it to a different location(I’m selling as local pickup) and wondering how best to weed out scammers and genuine people
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2021.09.20 07:54 Cici-857 Which gay bars in Berlin are worth recommending

If there is a recommended bar, please let me know
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2021.09.20 07:54 CrunchyRice_ How do you feel about the "men are more oppressed (in modern times)" belief?

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2021.09.20 07:54 No-Might5421 PiranhaBUSD | Launching Now | Safe Gem 💎 Locked LP 🔐 - BUSD Rewards - BSC Token, join us let's moon together 🚀

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4168 7710 5510
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2021.09.20 07:54 yeet420696969 People say it gets better, but when does it?

Growing up in my early 20's I thought that as long as I stuck it out, got a degree, stayed out of legal trouble, that things would turn out ok. But I'm 30 now and nothing has really changed except me and everyone around me is older. My dog is older, my parents are older, I'm older and more achy and tired.
Nothing good has changed. I haven't had some eureka moment about who I am or what I want to do in life. I haven't gone through life experiences that changed me as a person and put me on some path towards a purpose in life. What gives, does that even happen? When do things get better?
I'm so tired, I just want things to work out and feel ok again.
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2021.09.20 07:54 love_poison_ Tridha chaudhary is the Reason i nut so hard Early morning she is the Ultimate cum Drainer Bengali thot Cant even Tell you what Dirty things i want to do with her Tight Petite Body

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2021.09.20 07:54 EverythingOnTheLine Is anyone down to do a power tier list on discord?

I'm bored asf and I want to do a tier list with a few of you guys in VC chat in Discord.
Add me ShinoStayDripped#8625
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2021.09.20 07:54 Complex-Ad9735 I regret it now , what am i going to do ?

So i wanted to tell someone im regretting for past 3 years , i am really good in biology and chemistry When i was in 10th i wanted to choose science batch because im interested in science but i took commerce , i dont have any interest in commerce , but because my friend took commerce i also took commerce , now im regretting everything .. I don't know what my subjects are about , what is accounting i don't know anything . When it was time to choose the batch ,my all family memmbers ( mom, dad,grandfather ,grandmother ,my uncle , my aunt ) everyone told me to take science but i didnt , they said u will regret your choice by taking Commerce but i didnt listen at that time and now i really regret it , Now its time for me to give entrance exam for bcom , but how will i pass , if i dont know anything about my subject ? Im going to fail Everyone in my family is settled. Having Good job and life but i think i wont make it , i already failed , i want to go 2 years back . How i am going to persue my career when I dont know anything about what im studying ? And i live in india , so its really hard to persue , they say if u dont study , u will do house work and get married . i dont want that , i want to do a job but how am i going to do that ? No matter how much i study i cant understand those subject , now o regret everything , everyone was right , i did a big mistake , i ruined my own life because of my stupidity
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2021.09.20 07:54 Tazirai She plays with bones (4) - Lightbulb Moment

Major sat at the table sipping the coffee, taking in the words of M’bali’s mother. He didn’t need to drink. But he wanted to test Oladele’s tale. The fiend made two cups. Washing out both, measuring the coffee and sweeteners equally.
“… hmm!” he said after taking swigs of both. The heat of the drink not bothering him in the slightest.
“I made them both the same way, and they still taste differently. The woman was right…”
“She is very wise, that Oladele. That’s one reason we married.” Came the voice of Abeo.
“I was told a tale of coffee, and I wanted to try it for myself,” Major stated, swirling both drinks together and then downing the whole mixture. “This tastes different from either drink, so what was her lesson?”
“Most likely one regarding M’bali. She probably thinks your solution to our daughter’s problem revolves around more than just thinking outside of the box. Do Devils think outside of the box? Also, what do Devils eat for breakfast?” Abeo asked quizzically.
“Souls. We normally don’t eat. But if we do, then it’s a soul. But, I’ll eat whatever you wish to place before me.” Major said, looking at the two empty cups. “I’m confident I can find the solution to your daughter’s problem. But I’ll need some time. Especially if enchanting her will not work.”
“I think you will, Major. You’ve lasted longer than most.” Abeo said, stirring the eggs.
“How do you mean? How long does an Outsider usually last when she calls one?”
“About two to three hours or so. Not long at all. The basement usually gets messy when she sends them back. She also tags them, to make sure they can never be summoned again.” Abeo said, as the sounds and scent of the food filled his noise.
“Abeo! I’ll eat at work!” Oladele called out, “I’m running a bit behind.”
“NO! NO, you’ll not leave this house without a kiss!” he called, making his way to the porch.
“Enjoy your day, love. Be safe, and take in the sights.” he said, rubbing her arms, and kissing her.
Major rolled his eyes and shook his head. In another time, he would have delighted in twisting their love and spoiling their marriage. Forcing them into a contract and then stealing their souls for the Nine Hells. Then he would…
Major stopped his thought process as he noticed the woman looking directly at him. He smiled and lifted the cup and wished her a good day.
“Good luck, Major.” Oladele said to him as she rushed out of the house.
“Your wife terrifies me!” he quietly told Abeo.
“She should. Some of that mess in the basement is her doing.”
They went to the enclosed porch and ate their food while conversing about Hellish and Earthly things. Abeo was an intelligent, and wise man himself. He told no secrets of his family. Not outside of what Major already knew. Or had an inkling about. While Major himself had no issues with talking about the variety of Hells they assigned him to, and some of the ways he’s policed other fiends. One of his favorite topics was how he relished twisting humans and other beings into Demonic cults, even though he himself was of the Devilish stripe.
“Humans of your world don’t know the difference,” he began.
“I’ve seen and heard Demons. You’re my first and hopefully last, Devil. No offense. What is the difference?” Abeo asked as the sounds of Philadelphia filled his ears as he drank his coffee.
“None taken! I can’t give away the millions of secrets we have. But simply put, most Demons would rather tear you asunder, and eat your soul, or place you in servitude, in the Red War,” Major said, standing, looking out of the porch window, adding, “We Devils, love our games. Most of us would toy with flesh things, watch you self destruct under a contract with us. Then when you die, we’d steal your soul, and either sell you, or keep you as personal playthings.”
“So, not much difference at all then?” Abeo said, smiling.
“I guess not.” Major admitted.
“M’bali will awaken soon. Should you not be about your task?”
“Yes! I will explore this city and return when the Sun sets. I promise, no permanent harm shall befall the people of this place. But I do need experiments.” He said, looking at Abeo.
“Very well. Just remember, my wife is not one to be trifled with. Do no harm to our city Major,” Abeo said, pulling a set of keys from his pocket. “Just use this when you return. I’ll inform M’bali. Be well, but a warning.”
“Yes?” the bone fiend said, taking the key.
“Another roams this city, looking for things like you…” Abeo trailed.
“Great! See you tonight.” he said, taking his leave.
In his human form, The Devil looked out at the city. While he did not need to breathe, his current situation forced an involuntary deep breath from him. He stepped off the stairs and onto the pavement. Foremost in his thoughts was what his superiors would think of this. A Bone Fiend of his station, summoned to Earth, by a young girl, that traffics in Demons, and Magic.
Her mother, a… she’s a something. Whatever she was, she was more than human. A creature of the 9 hells spent the night in her basement. And it did not impress her. Another that could hunt down one such as himself. Being an Outsider was sometimes not worth it. Neither in Hell, nor here.
Major walked the blocks thinking of ways to coax the girl into realizing that she had emotions, but was suppressing them. She thought she had a true impairment of the mind. Every human he walked past, and there were many. He thought of ways to harm them. Make them face a fear or trauma that could cripple them into inaction. Into making a deal with one such as him. Force them into the darkness and flay them, flesh to bone. And find a way to get revenge on this family of sorcerers or whatever they were.
Major walked and observed all about himself. If he had remained on this plane. He would need to find a way back. The politics of the Red War had grown tiresome, as had the constant warring of factions and courtly drama. He also knew that on a prime world, he was no longer at the whims of magical summoning. He had a new eternity of pain and terror to inflict on these humans. But it all depended on what the gift was, and the girl’s plans for him.
“Walking the streets will get me nowhere. All I see are victims. Things to be toyed with. It’s hard to focus and gain the context I need to find… Context. Could it be so simple?” Major thought aloud, as he waited at a light. Smiling, he walked across as it changed and found the steps to an abandoned home to sit on.
“M’bali has a textual understanding of her lack of emotions. She knows the definition of them. She has witnessed them in others, but finds herself unable to relate. Because she lacks the context of the situations, those emotions should occur in. A test is in order. Several perhaps.” he said, walking into a back alley. He immediately dropped all pretense of being a human. Bones poked through flesh, as his skin shredded to reveal his true inhuman form. His lithe, bony tale swung about excitedly. The wasp like wings buzzed loudly, and he smiled. He speed into the air of the overcast morning. His speed and glamour would keep him from being identified as anything more than a lack of sleep.
He speed toward the downtown area of Philly. Center City, where he could dart in and out of buildings, and snatch who and what he wanted.
“4 bucks!” the girl behind the breakfast cart told the woman, as she passed the bacon and egg, breakfast bagel and coffee to her.
“Thanks. See you at lunch.” She told the smiling girl, as she walked to the office building around 14th street. Janice had expected today to be another day. She hoped the rain would stay away long enough to finish her food, then get the eight hours over and done with. A sandwich from Wawa after work sounded nice. Janice munched on the food greedily, as like most Philadelphians, she paid a serious lack of attention to her surroundings.
She crossed near a parking garage to cut across its access to the alley. As she took the first glorious sip of coffee. Her feet left the ground, and Janice screamed in a manner she never had reason to before. Looking down, she saw the breakfast bagel fly apart, and a long trail of brown coffee descended to the street as vertigo took her. She didn’t know what was going on as she had no time to process fully what was happening. She felt as though something held her, and instinctively reach for it to gain a sense of safety.
Her breathing was heavy, and she closed her eyes, thinking this had to be a mistake. She can’t fly, because humans can’t fly. It’s not something natural to us.
“Why am I flying?” she thought, in between the screaming and hyperventilating, and the buzzing sound.
“You fly, because I do!” came a quick series of words. Words that were heard. But not verbally. In her mind? No. Humans can’t do that either.
“Why do you refuse to look up?” The words came again.
“Because this isn’t real!” Janice said, between clenched teeth, thankful she had gone to the bathroom recently. But even so, the food was rising in her throat, along with the bile.
“I’ve had a lightbulb moment Janice. You’re going to be my lab partner. We’ve some experimenting to do. NOW LOOK AT ME!” the voice commanded.
Opening her eyes again, she saw Philly spinning beneath her, and she held onto the bony feeling thing for dear life. They were flying towards the twin towers of Liberty Place. Slowly moving her head upward, she had glanced into the reflective windows of the buildings they passed. What she saw holding her had made no sense.
“That’s it.” the voice came again.
When her head finally made it up to look at what held her, she could see the thing’s bony face in a sickly smile as it looked back at her. Firelight in its hollowed pits of a skull, acting as pupils.
Janice passed out immediately. But the hold on Major held its death grip. This human, awake or not, was not letting go.
“What fun I’ll have here,” the bone fiend cackled. “What fun indeed.”
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