Would you start a relationship with someone who has a degenerative neurological condition?

2021.10.19 04:10 jumpinpuddleok Would you start a relationship with someone who has a degenerative neurological condition?

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2021.10.19 04:10 TurnoverUnhappy6122 join

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2021.10.19 04:10 Alabaster13 Trane furnace vs Vornado whole room space heater

SE WI -Ranch home -Trane furnace (installed in 1997, maintained and still running strong)
I’m mainly referring to certain rooms where we need heat.
Bedroom at night while sleeping. Sitting in the living room. Cooking in the kitchen Hanging out in our rec room basement.
Which will cost less to operate and to use during winter? A 24 year old Trane furnace or a Vornado whole room space heater?
I plan on getting the Vornado AVH10. “Model AVH10 has electronic push-button controls with digital display and features a thermistor, a sophisticated sensor that allows the unit to self-adjust the heat output to maintain the desired temperature. Featuring exclusive Automatic Climate Control, upon reaching set temperature, the unit automatically adjusts (lowers) the heat element’s wattage and fan speed to maintain the set temperature. If room temperature reaches 3 degrees above set temperature, the heat element and fan shut off to avoid blowing cold air. Lower wattage and fan speed means “just the right amount” of energy used and nothing is wasted – truly efficient. This eliminates annoying hot and cold cycles. When the room cools off, the unit automatically adjusts to increase the heat and fan speed to maintain the set temperature.”
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2021.10.19 04:10 Ditiris Save VM Server Credentials in Workstation?

Is there a way to save credentials in Workstation? I don't like having to log into the server each time. Thanks!
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2021.10.19 04:10 whostrxp Rapid Fire on Gks?

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2021.10.19 04:10 smallmission123 Hey :)

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2021.10.19 04:10 PM_ME_TitsWithASmile Bea Benedicto

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2021.10.19 04:10 asura1958 Why the Sequel Trilogy were always going to be disappointing via Gamerant

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2021.10.19 04:10 crhxm Looking for a Alien Documentary

Hey so a while back me and my dad watched a documentary about aliens and it followed this one guy and his family through tons of different stories from his experiences. One of the biggest takeaways I got from it was that he actually had a child/relationship with the aliens and there were many sections with "phone calls" with aliens. It's been a while and I'm not sure how well I remember or believe any of it, but I'd like to see it again if anyone knows what I'm talking about a name would be amazing.
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2021.10.19 04:10 Confused_Wood Okay, we seriously need a gender neutral way to describe "short short" hair.

I've been anticipating getting my hair cut for weeks, and some of my friends have asked me how short I want it. I hate having to choose between saying "pixie cut" and "boy-short" because not only are they VERY gendered terms, I feel like "boy-short" is very non-inclusive and suggests that all boys have short hair, or that they are supposed to have short hair, you know? If I say I want a pixie cut, not only will it be painful because I'm not a girl and "girls get pixie cuts" or whatever, but also because when you say you want a "pixie cut", people usually think of that one haircut with the shaved sides and swoopy top section, because that's what's considered "feminine" and whatever. But I don't want a pixie cut. If I tell my hairstylist I want a pixie cut I feel like they will give me something very fem (even though they probably will anyways just because I'm AFAB), but I hate saying "boy-short" because that term is just sooooooo not right. So what are we supposed to call short haircuts without using such gendered and non-inclusive terms?
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2021.10.19 04:10 Ok-Butterscotch5275 Who do you think is better in pvp?

Who I more gay to fight
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2021.10.19 04:10 BlumpkinSpiceLatte95 Wingman elite Ricochet rounds?

So i recently started using the wingman elite on console and I saw that a fair bit of people recommend ricochet rounds in some old posts. Is this mod actually good or am i missing something?
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2021.10.19 04:10 Yk9skillzzz join our new rocket league server!!

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2021.10.19 04:10 theshadethrower 37 Y/O Lonely with a thousand friends

I go through life everyday wearing different masks, but feel no one knows the true me. I’m decent looking, have lots of friends and I’ve been in a relationship for 17 years. My relationship is with a women who I fear doesn’t even know me and with whom I don’t have a true deep connection with. My friends are great, but again, I feel none know the real me and I don’t feel comfortable enough with any to truly be myself. I’m very sexual and yearn for someone who shares the same level of desire for human contact and closeness. I wish I had someone to just lay with naked, feel connected to and just fuck until we’re so tired we just fall asleep inside each other. I know there’s people like me out there, I just never found them and settled for companionship instead of love. Thanks for the vent.
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2021.10.19 04:10 Potatologic1 I failed my Scribe America Final Exam

The cut off was 80%. I got a 77%. For one of the questions, I'm pretty sure I got it right but I didn't include a hyphen in between so the computer marked it wrong. I emailed my manager if I can retake it but what happens if she doesn't let me retake it? Do I get terminated? I did all this training to just end up not being able to work because of the 3% or possibly 2%??? Sorry if this post seems like I'm rambling but I am panicking and I don't know what to do.
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2021.10.19 04:10 AxyenLuu Returning Remarkable user questions

Hello! I just recently decided to buy the Remarkable 2.
I was a user that supported Remarkable before the connect launch, and after checking the ‘my remarkable’ tab on my account, it does indeed show I’m eligible for the free unlimited connect plan.
The questions I have are… QUESTION 1: Will my newly bought remarkable 2 also have this plan?
QUESTION 2: I do not want to pay the full price of buying the Remarkable 2 with all its accessories. Is it fine for me to add a ‘connect plan’ to add the discount on the total price and cancel the connect plan later?
Any other advice would be greatly appreciated
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2021.10.19 04:10 Low_Beginning_9301 I FINALLY FUCKING DID IT know it’s time to get everyone else to beast

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2021.10.19 04:10 Jazz0nea First time seeing this

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2021.10.19 04:10 rcho0202 Oops

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2021.10.19 04:10 gamethread-scraper Game Thread: St Louis Blues (1-0-0) at Arizona Coyotes (0-1-1) - 18 Oct 2021 - 07:00PM MST (x-post /r/hockey)

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2021.10.19 04:10 BatmanMeetJoker NIE for visa appointment after Nov 8th

I have Dropbox appointment on November 10th. The checklist email, that I got from consulate still has NIE is required from employer. Are they still using old email template even for appointments after November 8th?. Anyone has same issue?
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2021.10.19 04:10 ScullyitsAliens1993 I (27F) Don't Like My Boyfriend (24M) Talking To His Ex, Should I Try To Be Okay With It?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for the last 3 years. We're very happy and have a good relationship. We've had our complications in a sense but I would say no more than your average couple. Years ago, much longer before me, he dated this girl solely online, never met in real life, no physical interactions. So apart of me wonders since he didn't actually have a physical relationship with her, that maybe if I feel a certain way, I'm being ridiculous...
But basically ever since we started dating, she's always popped up to check in and say hi and be friendly but always talking about how she never wants to lose touch with him and stuff and always asks how everything is. I felt bad because I made him cut her off at some point and he didn't really care he's just a guy that gets anxious being rude to someone but he didn't care about it himself because he's told me he only wants me and that's all he cares about. Fast forward to like a year after cutting her off, she reached out again. It's been pleasantries, nothing more than that. But in the beginning of our relationship, things were rocky because he still spoke to her a bit and even flirted a little bit (even though he didn't view it that way) so her coming around again, puts me off and makes me uneasy...I feel like a toxic person that I wish she would just go away for good and stop trying to be friendly with my boyfriend...I understand she could just be trying to be nice but it really makes me insecure and I am a terribly insecure person (it's something I feel bad about if it at all comes out in a toxic way and I try very hard and actively to work through it) and he's being so good and let me know she messaged him as soon as she did and telling me everything. And he asked if I'd be okay with him just being friendly to which I said yes and she started following him on insta. Idk. He gives me freedom to do whatever I want and I feel I should do the same for him. I do trust him completely, he's never done anything wrong in any kind of way like that and he trusts me completely. Especially because I have a ton of guy friends that I've known since I was a kid and we game and shit all the time and he doesn't care about that. Apart of me feels like I should just tell him it's okay to be friendly with her because I wanna do better by him even if it hurts me a bit... :/
Please don't be harsh :( I'm trying my best to navigate my feelings in this life and I do not always succeed lmaoo hence why I try to get others opinions in order to NOT be a toxic person because of my emotions. This is my first like kinda post like this on Reddit. :( I just feel like I'm being shitty about how I feel on some level but I don't know. What should I do? Should I find a way to overcome my insecurity? Or should he stop talking to her?
tl;dr My (27F) boyfriend's (24M) ex of a couple of years continues to reach out to be just friendly by appearance, I feel bad/toxic I don't want him talking to her. What do I do here?
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2021.10.19 04:10 RebekhaG Am I the only one that thinks this way?

Since June I got back into gaming after a 11 year hiatus Nintendo to be exact I recently got into the Nintendo Switch family recently and I have had online play for awhile anyways today's Nintendo news on the online expansion pack price increase got me thinking about how much they kinda remind me of Modest how shitty Modest was and how many people didn't like Modest and how Modest is greedy. I didn't like Modest I'm starting to not like Nintendo for different reasons Nintendo is being so greedy just like Modest but in a different way. Nintendo just made their online play expansion pack $50 just for me to play Sega andN64 games with an Animal Crossing DLC which I don't have Animal Crossing. The $50 isn't justified when you don't have Animal Crossing. It is a rip off. I want to play N64 games since I'm too young to have bought one even though I was 2 when the console came out. Nintendo is being so greedy and especially with their DLC. So Nintendo and Modest are very similar in their greed.
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2021.10.19 04:10 asdrubalivan On contextlib.ExitStack garbage collection

Hello! I was reading the documentation of Python regarding ExitStack context manager.
A part of it mentions that

Each instance maintains a stack of registered callbacks that are called in reverse order when the instance is closed (either explicitly or implicitly at the end of a with statement). Note that callbacks are not invoked implicitly when the context stack instance is garbage collected.
In which scenarios should I take that into account?
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.19 04:10 turnshavetabled Delivery rate?

My Dsp sends out route summaries for the whole dsp pretty much every hour of the day. Not really sure what I’m looking at though for the delivery rate. Some people are at 7.00 and some are at like 14.00. Is a lower number better or a higher one? Also does it factor in the fact that some routes are more rural and some aren’t? I feel like I’m going as fast as I possibly can but still get slowed down by the shit gps putting me on the wrong streets in these rural areas
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