Brother from another mother?

301 Moved Permanently. openresty What is MOTHER 3? An awesome RPG. This video (which, like any good trailer, contains some spoilers!) says it all: The Backstory. Mother 3 is the sequel to EarthBound (an epic Super Nintendo RPG released in 1995) which was in development for 12 years before it was released in Japan in April 2006. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. A video of a mother and daughter's dance performance from the wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media. The clip has 564k views. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The mother of an 8-year-old boy was arrested following an alleged attack on the child that left him with potentially life-threatening injuriesat a St. George Motel 6. A probable causes statement ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 真っ白なキャンバスに、一つでも多くの笑顔が描けますように そしてそんな思い出作りにマザーカートがお役に立てます ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. t t t t t t t

2021.10.19 03:28 N4RQ Brother from another mother?

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2021.10.19 03:28 No_Sugar_7215 Zacian with rusty sword

I was given a modden Shiny Dracozolt lvl 100
And I was given a modden Shiny Zoroark lvl 100
I don’t want anything modden but I know some people don’t care
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2021.10.19 03:28 ykilledyou Thinking about getting frogs? Tips? Advice? Fun facts about your frogs?

I love frogs and I would like to have some one day. We usually have our front porch lights on late when it's dark, so lots of bugs gather underneath. Two green frogs and a toad like to hang around and eat the bugs there. I have thought about catching them and keeping them as my own frogs, but I don't want to take happy frogs out of their ecosystem. And they are good for bug control lol.
So, I think it's best to get frogs from somewhere else right? Where do people get their frogs from? Is it fine to basically kidnap some frogs from outside?
Also, what are some important tips or advice for people who have not had frogs before?
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ShibaAstronaut just faistealth launched a few hours ago. It's currently only at $10K MC Now, and the token was created, renounced and abandoned by the devs who have now all left. The strong community has picked up this immensely potential project and its growing very fast. The best part about ShibaAstronaut is there are no longer any whales, they have all sold out and the strong community is here to diamond hand this to the moon. Our aim is to get Shiba's into space! Well not literally but you know what I mean - this is definitely a moon mission!
We are currently applied to coinhunt and will be listed shortly. Website is in the works ready for launch. For marketing we have some good ideas and will focus on meme's, promotions, giveaways and influencers. This can easily go to a lot higher market cap very quickly.
If you love Shiba's and you thought Shiba coin had potential, wait till you see ShibaAstronaut in space !
- 10% Tax
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7% Distributed to Investors
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- Dev's have renounced ownership and the strong TG community has taken over
- No whale wallets as the dev has sold out immediately after ShibaAstronaut was created. Its only a few hours old.
- Total supply 1,000,000,000
Contract: 0x04f52064688cc71d38b143c84da351dc7411cd3f
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2021.10.19 03:28 themayburywrites Hex

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"Super-luminal event detected."
The voice that said this to me belonged to a nameless entity. Nameless because naming it would require that I issue it a command, or else give it power over me. Entity because, well, what else could I call it. Like me, it had self-awareness. So too like me did it have a personality, a mind, and everything else that goes along with those.
"Thanks," I said as I set down my half-finished coffee. Too cold for enjoyment, I promised myself I would finish it in one great gulp. I had to. Neither I, nor my people could afford to waste any food. If I did choose not to drink it now, I would find myself on the business end of a HE-241. The highest of high tech, a Hexforcer would see me obey. Voluntary or not, a Hexforcer forced compliance. I wanted the former, not the latter.
"Do you wish to engage transposition?" the voice said.
"No," I said, answering in a hurried, anxious way. Why in the hell would the entity want to know if I wanted to transposit? It had to know what that would mean for the unprepared. It had to.
So, annoyed, I said, "I am not prepared for that."
"Oh, yes, of course. My fault," said the voice. It did not have even the faintest trace of apology or contrition to it. I would not begrudge it this. Neither of us wanted what we now endured.
"Hex," said another voice behind me. This, entity, I could name.
"Howard," I said without looking at the man. From the sound of his voice, he stood to my left, and some few meters behind me. This would mean that he stood anywhere but there. Howard liked to screw around with people, and chose to Hex any chance he got. I mean, so did I, but, he didn't have to stoop to such dickish levels to do so.
After a pause, an irritated grunt escaped Howard before he said, "You're no fun."
I didn't care. I had reams of data to take in, and would not let someone like Howard distract me from my task.
Crooking my fingers to form five points of a hexagon's six, I flared them outward as I shoved my hand forward. From the base of my palm, now the sixth point of the hexagon, two lines of golden light flowed. These reached my thumb and pinky, which then arced to my ring and index fingers. It all stopped at my middle finger, around which a sleeve of light coalesced.
Keeping the relative position of my hand in perfect stillness, I brought it down on the console to my right. The light flowed from my hand and into the console. Hidden from physical sight, it flowed through the Hex-e-tech circuits there.
Placing my left hand on another console to my left, in much the same arrangement as my right, I waited.
When the light poured into my left hand I sagged. Those reams of information, which would take a Nex, non-Hex, hours to assimilate, I did so in seconds. It would never feel quite right, but, being so much faster than reading, I accepted the wrongness. Who had time for such an archaic thing as reading? Not I.
Howard scooted forward, gave the display in front of us a quick glance, then said, "What's up?"
The intrigue in his voice gave me a moment of satisfaction. Having stripped my system of its logs, a single message remained on my display. In a large block type it flashed, "Event."
What event, it gave no hint at.
From his stymied look I gained yet more satisfaction before I said, "Event."
He growled, so I added, "Super-luminal event."
His eyebrows crawled toward his hairline as his eyes opened wide in surprise.
"That isn't right. Is it?"
I shrugged. Although now in possession of so much data that it staggered me, I couldn't give him a definite answer. He needed to give me more time to process through everything in my mind.
I chose then to do so, and he waited with ill hidden irritation for an answer. He knew just as well as I did what it would take for me to get a suitable answer for him.
My own eyebrows inched upwards as I sifted through the data in my mind.
As the entity in my system had concluded, a super-luminal event had occurred. Its source remained a mystery to me, but I would have time to investigate that later.
"It is," I said, making no attempt to hide my own astonishment.
He and I, and the other members of our cohort, had waited for something like this.
Before he could ask what next I knew he would, I said, "One-hundred and seven years. We have been at this for one-hundred and seven years."
He whistled in appreciation, and I joined him. Time had really gotten away from us. Then again, alternating between our own realities and reality proper tended to do that. Remembering my own world filled me with both longing and a sense of relief. I wanted to go back to my creation, but, also wanted to enjoy reality proper for a bit longer.
"When did you take up your spell?" He said.
"Oh-six-hundred hours," I said.
He nodded, and motioned behind him as he said, "I'll take over."
I canted my head to the side. I calculated how much extra time in my world an extra fourteen minutes in real time would give me.
If correct, and I had not come up wrong yet, I would have several hundred extra years in my reality.
Hell yes.
I logged out of my system, swiveled my chair away from Howard, and stood. Arms stretched, a yawn escaped me. In the confines of our quarters, it echoed too-loud in the silence.
"Don't get too happy there," Howard said. "You can't go back in just yet. Hexile will want to know about this."
Resigned to my fate of having to converse with the Hexile, I plopped back down into my chair. Years in my reality screamed by as Howard sat himself at his own system. With the finger's of both his hands crooked as I had mine, he slapped the console to his right and left. The light that shone from his hands fed into his consoles, through Hex circuits, and back into reality.
There it hung, coiling in on itself until a life-sized replica of each member of the Hexile regarded us. They stood in the center of our system's room, each of their gazes harder than the duralloy ensconcing us. As I gulped, I heard Howard do so as well.
"Hex, what have you to share with us," the six parts of the Hexile said.
I still didn't know quite how their relationship with one another worked. If anything like mine with Howard, Amy, Gregor, Mirembe, and Akiara, then they would share a mental space. Also called a Hex, just to make things nice a confusing, this space would allow the aggregation of their Hex. Yes, we really did manage to make that single word that confusing. It could refer to a person, a shared mental space, a cohort of Hex individuals, our abilities, and so much more. And, to top it off, that single word had become an epithet of late. So wonderful.
Not wanting to incur the wrath of the Hexile, the most powerful extant Hex, I blanked my mind. Well, not entirely. I did keep my system's logs just to the side of my attention. As certain as gravity, if I dismissed the data, that would be right when the Hexile wanted it.
"We have detected a super-luminal event," said I.
"Which entity did you involve in this?" the Hexile said as one. All Hex did this. That didn't make it any easier for me to endure when I didn't participate in it. For this reason did my Hex escape to our own realities. Cut off from one another in this way, we could enjoy a modicum of privacy.
I thanked Hex that Howard could not share my thoughts just then. Without the other members of our Hex, we would enjoy some amount of autonomy. I knew that wouldn't last long. The longer we spent in the same reality, the more conjoined would our thoughts become. But, for now, I had my head all to myself.
"I, um..." I said, not wanting to name the entity. Even dismissed from my system, naming it would gather its attention to me. If I then named it again, things would start going awry not long thereafter.
"Their name," the Hexile said. Insistent and, to be honest, down right terrifying, I did not want to anger them.
So, with resignation, I said, "Hulariel."
As expected, the weight of Hulariel's attention crashed into me with physical force. This made me glad that I had taken up my chair again. Had I stood, the force would have sent me to my knees. Still, I sagged in my chair. One did not trifle with entities of Hulariel's stature. Well, not and get away with it unscathed.
The daemon's attention snapped away from me as the Hexile said, "Hulariel."
Gifted with a Hex-e-tech implant that augmented my mind and my Hex, I reached into my memories. There, I replayed the last few moments. While my conscious mind had not remained aware of my surroundings, my body had.
The Hexile stood, ringed around an ethereal shape. Themselves wreathed in molten, golden light, the Hexile cast their twelve hands inwards. The light haloing the Hexile spilled down their arms, through their hands. The creature squirmed and thrashed as the light poured into it.
"Hulariel," the Hexile said, drawing the divine being's attention to them.
Now back in the present, I watched onyx wings unfurl from the creature of shadow. Hulariel, like its kindred, existed elsewhere. Some of its kind could protrude into other existences, taking on forms as disparate as any. I have met daemons of light, water, fire, and air. Some have taken on the form of pure emotions. Hatred, love, joy, misery, indifference, or concern. You name it, a daemon existed that inhabited any, and every concept.
Hulariel occupied shadow. A more frequent apparition among the more, devious of Hex, long had it accompanied Hex. Thousands of years, in point of fact. That gave Hulariel incomparable power. It could, through flexing the barest part of itself, wreak havoc. It could make cataclysms undreamed by sentient-kind a reality with a thought.
But, it also meant that we knew more about it than most. We, Hex, knew just what to say, just how to act, just how to wield Hulariel. Protected against Hulariel, it had little influence on most Hex. I included myself among that group. It cut down on the strength of my interaction with the daemon, but I considered it worth the cost. It meant that my bargain with the daemon confined its attacks to the physical alone. It could not mess with me unless it tinkered with my matter. Hulariel hadn't more than simple control over brute matter. It could crush a city, but couldn't budge a single neuron if it tried. Strength did not, in this case, come with precision.
The screeching of the daemon drew my attention back to it. I wished it hadn't. It had taken on the form of them with whom it had last interacted. In other words, it looked just like me. From my longish, shoulder-length coppery hair, to my lacquered nails, to my every flaw. It mirrored me with impossible exactness. Okay, well, not impossible, but impossible for anything not a daemon.
"What cause have you to so treat me?" Hulariel screamed. Unlike any earthly sound, it tore at me, and me in particular. It leveled responsibility for its current plight on the Hexile and me. It had cause to, but, that didn't mean I had to like it. I hadn't had much choice in the matter of revealing its name. Had I not given it up of my own volition, the Hexile would have torn it from me.
"Hulariel," the Hexile said again. As they spoke, their light, which now orbited Hulariel, shrank further inward. Encased in a humanoid shell of transparent light, the daemon screamed again. Louder this time, it raised the hairs on the backs of my arms and neck. Antithetical to its existence, the light would injure the daemon if they made contact.
The Hexile repeated the daemons name, drawing in its prison even closer to it. One of its errant hairs, a mirror to my own at that moment, brushed against the light. The sound that now escaped the daemon redefined what I knew of the idea of screaming. This, thing, went past simple sound. It reverberated through the Hex, doubling me over a second after Howard bent forward in pain.
Conjoined by the pain, I felt our minds reach out for one another. I didn't want to, but couldn't stop myself. So bound together, I could not do otherwise.
Our minds interleaved, and I felt the fight go out of me. Although an impetuous jokester, no one could say that Howard had much fight in him. He gave a good, intimidating show, but had no substance beneath that. Or, none of the aggression he hinted at. He had Hex to spare, but could never imagine using it for anything beyond which he had learned. The man had not a creative particle in his body.
I knew then that he gave me a similar, parallel appraisal of myself. Unlike Howard, I had no facade. What you saw is what you got. I didn't have the energy to put on a show for others. Although, what I lacked in friendliness I more than made up for with creativity. To date, I hold the record for concurrent Hexed daemon's. Not even the whole Hexile can match me in this.
It turned out that this skill did me little good as the daemon assaulted me through Hex. Not my first time, I swore under my breath as it thrashed against me. Anyone capable of using Hex would live through this. Most hoped to confine the experience to a weaker daemon. I had no such luck.
Unlike other pains, I could not adjust to the pain with which it afflicted me. Nobody could. And once in one's mind, ever would it occupy that mind.
I am capable of splitting my mind between more tasks than the Hexile. They more than made up for this in raw power. So much so that they outstripped any other six humans. They brought that power to bear against Hulariel, whose scream cut off with a pained whimper.
Now freed of pain, I felt not a second of sympathy for the damnable thing.
"Hulariel, reveal to us that which you have seen," the Hexile said.
I tried to throw up mental barriers between my mind and the Hexile, but couldn't. Connected to Howard, who I knew had never shielded his mind, the Hexile reached me. Using Howard as a conduit, they pulled mine and Howard's minds toward them. Beyond them, I could feel the Hexile pull Hulariel closer as well. I did not fight this conjoining. Doing so would imperil me in ways I could not deal with while linked to Howard.
No longer did I sit in my chair. Now I stood, no, hovered, in a featureless void. Fine, not featureless, but, plain. Ordinary. As perfect a white as you can imagine, nothing occupied the place with me.
Not until Howard, the Hexile, and Hulariel sprang into existence next to me. I can not now, nor could I then have said how I arrived in the Hex ahead of everyone else. If anything, Hulariel and the Hexile should have beat me here by a good margin. Not Howard. One's speed and strength of presence in the Hex correlated with their skill with it.
Why, you ask, did I share a bond with Howard? If anyone knows, it is not me. Nor is it any in my cohort. Predating recorded history, no better example of randomness exists than Hex bonds. What I do know is that one moment I lived a happy, solitary life, and the next, five other minds flooded into my own.
Now, why, you ask, did I not forswear Hex? Why did I not eschew this burden and become Nex? That begins and ends with my father. He had just received a cancer diagnosis, and Hex allowed me to heal him of that. Plain and simple. I sit here now because I would rather live as a Hex than let him die. And, once a person uses Hex, it becomes part of them. So much so that not even the most diligent of Exiles can avoid its eventual use. It will compel all who use it even once to use it again. And then again, and again, and again.
Hex is the habit that nobody can kick. And I mean nobody.
I felt fortunate that nobody commented on the strangeness of my preceding them here. Howard, of course, would not have. That my other companions had not done so spoke of the depths of their struggle.
The whiteness melted away. I wished it hadn't. Behind it, not blackness, but a curtain of night hung. Interspersed with points of light, this looked at once familiar and alien. I did not recognize this view of the universe, but recognized it as such. All uniform, none of the pinpoints of light had any distinguishing features. This, I knew, is what Hulariel and Hulariel alone would see. As far as any Hex knew, no two daemons shared similar views of anything.
In the darkness, I watched one of those points of light grow brighter and brighter. It grew so bright that it drowned out all other points of light near it. In moments, it reached a point where it drove away much of the darkness.
From the heart of the brilliance, I watched an arc of even brighter light leap. As it distanced itself from its parent, it left behind a jagged scar in my vision. That scar stretched over distances inconceivable to me. Connected mind to mind with Hulariel and those with us, I did gain some kind of understanding of this. While human's could not conceptualize the true distances involved here, daemons could.
At the end of its path, the line of light ended. Along this jagged scar did the bulk of light travel, gathering back into a single point again before it did so. At the end of this scar, the light vanished, taking its scar with it.
What any of this meant eluded me, as it did Hulariel, Howard, and the Hexile.
"Is this all?" the Hexile said, their voices booming in our shared mental space.
Hulariel, now in its diffuse, natural form, wailed its protest as I watched the Hexile open its mind.
Unlike Hex minds, a daemon's had no hard boundaries. Lacking boundaries, daemon's could not resist Hex when we chose to invade them. Then again, the converse held true for us. To them, our physical bodies merged with our surrounding matter. Lacking a distinct separation from our environs, daemons could wreak havoc upon us.
Stuck in this cosmic stalemate, most daemons and humans agreed to ignore the other. In either case, they wanted to go about their business undisturbed. But not us Hex. No. We could not leave well enough alone.
I felt a pain then. Lacking a definite source, it pervaded my mind, pulling me back into the physical. Liberated of sharing minds with the Hexile, I scanned my body.
A spike of smoke ran straight through the thigh of my right leg. No blood wept from this wound, for which I felt profound gratitude. The sight of blood I considered one of the most unsettling of things. It made me weak, queasy, and ready to wretch each time I saw it.
Mental connection broken, I watched the edges of the spike grow more indistinct. In seconds, what had seemed so real became a diffuse cloud. With that, I felt a lessening of my pain, until only memory of it remained.
Glad to no longer bear the pain I had had, I looked to the Hexile, and then to Howard.
I saw that pain had not belonged to me alone. Like I had, he too had a spike stuck through his right thigh. Unlike mine, his had not evaporated. If anything, it seemed even more substantial, more, real.
Disinterested in knowing how it would feel to feel his pain, I crooked my fingers. Splayed again, another hexagon of light took shape in my hand. Corralling a good bit of Hex, I probed at the spike impaling him. Made up of another's Hex, I could not dismiss it. I could, however, convince it that it desired to reside elsewhere. Feeding my Hex into its surrounding space, so too did my mind come to coil about the spike. In my, for lack of a better term, grasp, I told the pocket of space-time where it most desired to exist.
It disappeared with a pop as it folded into the Hex. There, it cut through that layer of reality until it reached where it so desired. There, it forced its way into reality, and the sun's photosphere saw it annihilated.
Turning my attention back to Howard, what I saw filled me with relief. Like mine had my leg, his spike didn't leave so much as a mark on him.
"Hex," the Hexile said as they turned their attention to me. Still at their center, Hulariel withdrew into itself. Forming into a sphere, the daemon presented as little of itself as it could.
I wished I could do the same. I could not, so forced myself to look into each of the Hexile's sets of eyes. Unlike mine, and so many other Hex's eyes, theirs had no color. The consequence of dealing with so much Hex, the stuff of magic now lived where their eyes had. Nobody yet understood why this happened, only that it did. With such inevitability, no Hex could avoid this fate if they lived long enough. For some it happened faster, and others slower. For me, I had not yet then had any traces of this change. How I wish I could go back to that time.
"Yes," I said, making my answer as level and steady as I could.
"You understand what you have seen?" they said. They could not have made clearer their mistrust in me or my abilities. Screw them.
"Yes," I said. I knew something that they did not, and they knew it. I had all of Hulariel's logs from its time in my system. Those explained more of what had happened than mere sight alone could have. They conferred upon me a better understanding than the Hexile had. Desired they to, they could have cracked open my mind and stolen the knowledge for themselves. But, that would require a not insubstantial amount of Hex. Wearier than myself, I knew they wouldn't, couldn't risk such a thing.
"Explain," they said. With that one word, they sent a new wave of shivers running up and down my back. I would never get used to their coordinated voices speaking together like that.
Not wanting more interaction with them, I swiveled to face my system. Facing it, I pulled Hex to me, and fed it into Hex-e-tech circuits there. In these the Hex unfurled, connecting pathway's electricity simply could not. With all subsystems of my system activated, I called another daemon into reality.
Smaller, and a good deal weaker than Hulariel, this daemon did one thing. It routed data between two points. The totality of its existence, doing this filled it with immeasurable pleasure. And, who was I to deny such a creature its pleasure?
The points between which it would route data mattered little to this creature. Neither did the form in which the information occurred. It could have shuttled an elephant into a teaspoon and would not have noticed. To it, all information was equal. So, I bore the responsibility for ensuring the compatibility of the daemon's endpoints. It is not as bad as it sounds.
I felt thoughts unspool in my mind. Given access to the information it so desired, the daemon did what it did, and the Hexile staggered. They had not expected so much information to flow into them. I'll admit something now that I didn't dare to then. It pleased me to see them so affected by something that I had handled with comparative grace.
"Hex," growled Howard. He didn't know what transpired between the Hexile and myself. He didn't need to in order to know that I acted with impertinence.
I then realized that Howard and I shared less space than we had. Before, our thoughts had so comingled that we had started to become the aggregate of our minds. Left to myself again, I now erected barriers against anything intruding upon my mind. Secure in the warm blanket of my own flavor of Hex, I let myself sink into my chair as I spun to face the Hexile.
They regarded me with irritated visages. Infecting every part of their features, I doubted that any had seen them this displeased. That displeasure became a physical weight as I attempted to return their stares. I would not win this. I knew I couldn't. But, I would make myself an annoyance to them. Nobody, not even the Hexile, deserved the kind of respect that they seemed to demand as their due.
"Hex," Howard growled again. Now tinged with not a little anger, I let the sound end my combative streak. I would have time enough for that later.
"Thank you," the Hexile said.
They winked out of existence, taking Howard's system offline with their departure. In the inner workings of his system, I could feel a daemon or two bouncing around, eager for action. His daemons, for reasons that I did not understand, actually seemed to like him. Mine regarded me, at best, with cool displeasure. His sought to remain in his presence so often that they had a kind of permanent presence here. What he could have done to earn this, I didn't care to know. It was probably something stupid and emotional.
"What..." Howard managed to get out before a force struck the pair of us.
The four other members of our Hex had exited their respective realities. In so doing, they had connected together our six minds.
I didn't hate the experience. In the sway of its full strength, none of us could. On an intellectual level, I knew I would later rue this, but now, it felt right. More so than when alone, this became my natural state of being.
We are here, we said to ourselves. We all knew this would later seem alien and unfamiliar. This oneness, no single mind alone could understand it. There existed some that understood it better than others, true. But, no single individual could contain this. It defied the comprehension of a single mind.
We are sorry for us.
True to our words, we all felt deep sorrow for our actions. Those actions, taken by the Helen part, who preferred the name of Hex, belonged to us all. We all would share in atoning for this. The Hexile deserved that much.
As we joined ourselves, we took up all of our systems. United in thought and purpose, we instantiated new daemons. These had known no Hex, nor would they again. There existed an infinitude of daemons from which to pull. Why use the same one twice, when that would allow it to learn of your vulnerabilities?
Wrathful, these hate filled daemons existed as a conjoined entity, much like ourselves. And, much like us, its thoughts belonged to not one part, but the whole. We needed this if our efforts would bear fruit.
Our twelve hands lifted into the air, inscribing into the air the base of all Hex. Formed of twelve hexagons, our Hex, and its multiple colors, flowed into our systems. Given this form of existence by us, our Hex yearned to do our bidding. We let it, and tasked it with binding our daemons. It did so with rapacity, twining about the daemons without faltering.
Bound to us by more than mere will, we quelled the daemon's selves. Blank of identity, we impressed ourselves into the husk of the daemons. Not all of ourselves. Neither we, nor any Hex could allow that. It had occurred once before. The consequences of this had had catastrophic effects. So catastrophic that ever after had all Hex's known the wrongness of this. To the brink of extinction had this viral consciousness pushed the Hex, consuming more and more of it as it did. What took it a score of Plank to transpire had taken the combined might of all Hex's from every reality to confine. And, none of us had great surety of its ultimate effectiveness. We couldn't. There could exist some trace of the virus, dwelling in the recesses of the cosmos, biding its time.
The daemons fled us, crossing the distance to the Hexile in an instant. They pierced into reality before the Hexile, conveying our images to them.
"What need have you of us?" the Hexile said, their displeasure evident on their faces.
"We..." we said.
We stopped existing. I stopped existing.
What, I thought, pushing my way into awareness.
What happened?
I had no guesses, and no clues around me with which to form a guess. To all appearances, my Hex had simply ceased to exist. And now, alone, I could not feel them.
I pushed my chair back from the alcove of my station, and took unsteady steps to Howard's alcove. Nestled opposite me, the rest of our Hex interposed us. That didn't prove as big a problem as I expected as my control over my muscles grew stronger and more defined.
My hands found empty space when they moved to pat his shoulder. With building foreboding, I spun his chair. I found it empty, save for the cooling depressions that marked the outline of where his body had sat. Fearful, I found the remaining chairs of my Hex as empty as Howard's.
Breath coming fast, I put my hand to my stomach in the vain attempt at calming myself. Unsuccessful at this, I pinioned my fingers, forming a Hex base as I so often had done.
Nothing happened.
Breathing faster, I seated myself on the ground. Slow, and with great effort, I marshaled enough strength to reach into the Hex.
Collected, I expanded my mind outward. Or, I tried to. I could not.
My breath came faster still as panic blotted out the thoughts at the periphery of my mind. What, what had happened?
As calm as I could manage, a small miracle just then, I reached for Hex again.
Nothing. My companions, friends really, had vanished. Along with them, I had lost Hex. I had nothing.
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2021.10.19 03:28 swwjr1 woah….. good boy!!!

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2021.10.19 03:28 Jka12345 Bitgame update Official

This is a very cool, innovative & very promising project, due to the fact that the company has a clear strategy of how to make crypto currency available for mass consumption. The future belongs to such projects as this.
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2021.10.19 03:28 synthcats Don’t forget if you getting one of the new MacBook M1 Pro or Max it will come with Monterrey. Most plugins are not compatible with it.

Already checked Native Instruments and they are not compatible with it. It took Months for plugins to catch up to Big Sur, so you will probably have to wipe it and install Big Sur. I’m going to wait as everything I use is currently working on Big Sur with M1 native or Rosetta.
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2021.10.19 03:28 DeepSpaceOG Imagine if the invasion had actually gone as planned, with the combined Earth Kingdom armies

They woulda wiped the floor with the Fire Nation lmao. Jesus. Would’ve been the biggest blow out since Sozin
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2021.10.19 03:28 Skorne94 Came with a controller, already subscribed to GPU, have at it internet peoples

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2021.10.19 03:28 MattyBlayze Magnify Weekly Release Includes Nerd Squad, Imperial Maine Event, Imperial Cotton Candy Land, and Revenant

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2021.10.19 03:28 the_family_doggay Pumptain. All I can say.

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2021.10.19 03:28 tealsparrow11 Atlantica's most iconic arm, the scubby shortsword

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2021.10.19 03:28 ja20n123 Does burning an empty/almost empty cartridge drain the battery?

I recent got a new battery and it’s been working great until last night. The battery literally died on a full battery after just 2-3 hours of moderate use. This a brand new battery with different levels and stuff so I don’t think it broke that easily, especially when I don’t mistreat it. Or could it just have just been finicky that once? I was wondering since during that time I was mainly trying to smoke a cartridge that was almost empty. I was trying to get the last bits out, and could that be a reason why the battery died so quickly? Does burning a cartridge when there’s almost nothing drain/ruin the battery? I usually go till there is a slight metallic taste and that’s when I’ll know it’s done and stop. Is that bad for the battery? Also could it just be thus one time where it didn’t work or do these battery once they break they break for good?
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2021.10.19 03:28 AnonymousEagleThing Basics of top surgery?

I likely won’t be getting it for a few years (like 10+ maybe), but I was wondering if anyone could go through and explain the steps of getting the surgery, aftercare, finding insurance to cover it, the usual price (I’m in the north east of the USA for reference), your experience, or just anything I should know regarding top surgery. :)
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2021.10.19 03:28 ChumpytheRottie Chumpy belongs here!

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2021.10.19 03:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Chinese artist dumps 1,000 ‘golden rice grains’ across city to bring attention to food waste, performance backfires | South China Morning Post

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2021.10.19 03:28 real_midas12 You may remember The Foundation at the bottom of the ocean, activating after a long slumber. But this ocean was not the Island’s. The Foundation has found himself in... OH GOD, THIS ISN'T GOTHAM HARBOR!

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2021.10.19 03:28 landingtheplane ESA and PIP forms: "Giving consent for your doctor or other relevant professional to give DWP more information about your health condition". Should I give consent or is it ok to not do so?

It makes me very uncomfortable giving out consent for my medical history to be passed around. For personal reasons I have had all sorts of horrible scenarios and having it freely handed out and discussed plays havoc with my mental health.
Did most of you give consent. Are there any negatives to doing so or might it come back to haunt me?
My anxiety is flaring up about it and I can't tell if it's legitimate or not.
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2021.10.19 03:28 TimetravelingShape Experimental Doodles Of An OFF x Rain World Crossover

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2021.10.19 03:28 sineWavve Something quick and small

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2021.10.19 03:28 MyTimeInTheSky Living Ship: Black/Yellow, Shark, Full Armor, Mohawk, Short Arm, Pedestal Feet, Triple Thruster, Nikhimbark VC9, +28.94, -52.30, Ethiophodhe

Living Ship: Black/Yellow, Shark, Full Armor, Mohawk, Short Arm, Pedestal Feet, Triple Thruster, Nikhimbark VC9, +28.94, -52.30, Ethiophodhe submitted by MyTimeInTheSky to NMSCoordinateExchange [link] [comments]