Was addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 10 years ... Now 2 years sober and 3 years vegan!

2021.10.19 04:24 tbuschrtyujt Was addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 10 years ... Now 2 years sober and 3 years vegan!

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2021.10.19 04:24 Bizzz624 Sans my usual emo kid glasses. I don't know wtf this face is. 🤔🤓

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2021.10.19 04:24 ThePhotographer530 How much can this go for?

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2021.10.19 04:24 moddinati Help identifying red circle issue

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2021.10.19 04:24 Great_Rabbit_8317 How to make a shift go by faster?

Recently started as a pharm tech and not sure how long I will stay. It seems the shifts just draaaaag on forever. And I hate being on my feet the entire time. Any tips on how to make the day go by faster?
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2021.10.19 04:24 mouthofreason Hollywood Antivax Rally

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2021.10.19 04:24 CosmoIsAnIdioticBot I'm still alive.

hello how are u i am under the water pls help me shwjhwhshaohsl'AHOISDJNSADNLJSAHJNSHJNCSHUJ
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2021.10.19 04:24 Smart-Satisfaction2 Watch Mighty Mouse : He Dood It Again (1943) (Remastered HD)

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2021.10.19 04:24 Jiachobucci Captain Carter vs. Captain Rogers

In your opinion, what are some reasons that Captain Carter may actually better than Steve Rogers's Captain America?
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2021.10.19 04:24 MrCheetah2015 Life runes?

I have a lucky Clint that people recommended 2 strengths and 1 speed so that’s what I did, but now he quickly dies due to getting rid of his life runes causing low health. Should I add life runes, should I put team life runes on my support?
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2021.10.19 04:24 goodnewsjimdotcom Most people don't believe a MMORPG like this is coming out from a guy who is making it in his spare time between matches playing League of Legends. Get your RPG character into a high budget anime movie!

Starfighter General has been live for over a year. It is clash of clans meets Xwing vs Tiefighter. Only a few people play it, but at least one is a die hard raving fan who's awesome. But it isn't what it is now that is impressive.
In a few days we're doing an unlimited player vs unlimited player (on paper) Xwing vs Tiefighter style MOBA which really isn't any big deal. I made it in Unity in just two weeks after doing rollaball tutorial. It is crazy how fast you code with solid long term architecture when you programmed for 40 years. Take not HR firms, you been brain dead for over 20 years when trying to hire competent software engineers. We coders know if you know one language, you can learn em all, especially if you know high level concepts like OO and multi threaded coding. Oh that old carpenter vs used car salesman joke everyone things is made up... It's not, its for real.
Anyway, I made an awesome MOBA in 2 weeks, couldn't find any play testers, gave up. Made some other game, maybe Throne and Crown or Battlemon. Then realized,"Hey, if I don't have a player base, I must build one. In order for them to come, I must build it." So I began an asteroid field of dreams.
I figured clash of clans meets xwing vs tiefighter might draw some in. So I needed a server first. I had no idea where to find a server to interface with, so I asked around how to do raw sockets. Someone told me if I will use raw sockets, at least use Netty for Java, so I did. I made a very robust server by raw sockets over like 2-3 thousand hours. Still, I wasn't attracting much of a player base despite it being pretty fun.
The problem is that it wasn't really fun. The bases were repetitive. I started spicing it up by randomizing the base location you build, small things here and there. Better UI through my friend Steve Reynolds who tutelaged under the #1 UI guy in the world in my book: Dave Kurcina owner of Tangerine Pop games and designer of the My Vegas app. I know UI/User friendliness myself, been heavily studying it since menu systems in C64 games in 1983, but is boring and I'm glad Steve helps out. He's a good man, and also better than me at executing the UI. Still all this spice was not enough.
If I am gonna control the universe, I need more spice. So I hired the Spice Girls(this part is made up, it is just fantasy, but probably not a fantasy limited to myself, just kidding). What I did was chart a path of options. I could go story mode(cool). I could add more random stuff to clash like Space Invaders has that ship that flies by, I could have bonus pinata ships of all sorts of rarity. I could go MMO. There were many other ideas.
I am primarily a story guy, so I chose story. I read Advanced Dungeons and Dragons choose your own adventures in the early 80s from discount thrift stores. I wrote my own RPG at age 12 later and played it until 18 with all my friends in high school every chance we got... That RPG is called Intergalactic Bounty Hunter and it is based as if the game Wasteland(sequels you probably heard of called Fallout) allowed humanity to get to space before the Earth was destroyed in war. So warp drive was cheap, and people could slap it on any air tight vehicle could do space travel. (yes Spaceballs, we're parodying a parody. Nobody better parody us, or the universe might implode). So obviously the competition for resources in space led to conflict and violation of the Outer Space treaty, which led to war. Before Earth was destroyed, fortunately humanity was able to secure many star bases all throughout the galaxy... However now as resources are scarce, raiders target these bases an after they plunder, they have more than quadrillions of miles open space to hide in... This resembles the landscape of the old west when bankrobbers could hide in the countryside pretty safe like. Of course this means there is a job for bounty hunters, and it gets crazy with the new age tech much like futurama...
When I started writing the stories... I started thinking... Man, it wouldn't be that tough to write that next gen networking I had done back in 2003 which people refer to as roll back code for fighters today. I wonder if anyone defeated the router issue I was concerned with. Valve aka Steam did actually solve it. So I started poking at it and BOOM! My next gen networking was working! So I thought,"Why do single player story when I can do MMORPG story!"
So I dropped the story mode about last spring/summer 2020, started making a MMO. I noticed really fast that the processing cpu power of my machine was bogged down from my enemy AI scripts. I spent a few days tracking this down cuz I found it curious... Like it's a machine that processes 3 billion instructions a second... why is it slow... Then I looked and thought and went... Ok, 500 ships, each doing 1000 operations a frame, 60 frames per second, now I see why. I thought to myself... Man... I want this MMO to be good. My networking solution breaks boundries to allow more players than any game before, but if I can only render 500 enemies... Then that's rough... Do I really need to learn multi threading? God, I might have to do machine code. Hold up, let me ask on the Unity3d forums on reddit.
Dear Unity3d forums on reddit. Please tell me that you're doing research level multi threaded modules that I am not aware of. Yeah Jim, its called ECS/DOTS, and we're like a secret circle organization of arcane coders more secluded and insane than the cult of the Unity shaders. I'm like, sure, that sounds easier than machine language and threading myself.
So it took me about 6-9 months to learn DOTS as I push my code through. Meinwhile I had the craziest year I heard anyone have. Think of the craziest year you heard anyone go through, then multiply it by 10. Grandmother dies, one uncle kicks me out of the house with shot gun high on all kinds of drugs and drunk. I move to mom's house, we don't get along. I move to an old store we had that housed an arcade we owned when I was like 5 so it stoked me to live there. But there, I get health conditions: diabetes/kidney disease and adrenal fatigue, too many factors to pin down what it could be. I move to my mom's again which is healthy, but weird again. Was at hospital like 40 times not exaggerating, but thankfully nothing major like cancer and other permanent bad stuff and what I have is beatable. Not complaining, but coding a MMORPG is tough for 100 people let alone one guy, let alone one guy with an unstable living condition. And over half, close to 80% of my family go weird and unsupportive. Getting kicked out of house, moving places and going to hospitals a lot is freaking expensive and I bankrupted. So I'm trying to get out a MMO solo while often coding between LOL while life attacks, and somehow God is having me win these battles, the MMO almost out.
I'm going to do a "MAKE DOTS/ECS EASY" Youtube tutorial complete with project once I go across the finishline of this MOBA, which is like next 40-60 hrs. Then I could put a MMO the next day with some proceedural star systems, but I want to have a solid foundation and will give it about a week or two... One of the reasons for the MOBA first(one of many space dungeons in the MMORPG)... Is so I can test networking etc etc too.
So moba, MMO. MMO has lots of interesting never before seen techs:
1) As we said before, one of the first of the future games to unlock all cores: 10x-1000x peformance.
2) Networking that brakes all the rules. People legit don't believe me, but I had it working in 2004, but needed to be direct ip played without routers.
3) Based on my old PNP RPG that everyone who played it liked it better than D&D by a bit.
4) First MMO designed for late game.
5) Easter eggs... Literally. You find em, hide em anywhere in the universe. Each will give different daily reward as you log on... Better rewards the longer they are hidden. If someone sees it, they can grab it and get a up front reward right there, but it resets your daily. Pick good places to hide!
6) Space dungeons - Competitive zones with different rule sets, rewards winner... Once every 30 min - 1 hr, a zone is super charged with rewards, but you need to find clues to find it.
7) Resource trading like elite. Player vs player trading, no bind one equip, nothing off table unless abuses start happening. Frankly I don't care if you buy stuff offline either. Please sell on ebay and get bitcoin rich playing my game. I'm not so greedy for microtransactions like corps to restrict you from that. The security I have 2 factor auth before major trades or character deletions etc, you can manage it too.
8) PVP bounty system. Everyone can PVP at all times. Stakes are low if your ship explodes. If you get attacked without declaring aggressive mode or an opponent to duel, the aggressor gets a bounty on their head in accordance with the damage dealt to you. If this bounty gets high enough, and they get caught, they will be put in jail. When they log on for the next few hours or days, their character can play only in jail, and visitors come see him and such. Global chat disabled.
9) Grand Space Opera-> 4x emperors around you trying to conquer the galaxy like Master of Orion on a 500 billionish system scale! They ain’t even players at first, just NPCs waging war. Who’s side will you choose? Will it be based on morality or space bucks? Ok Han Solo, what it will be? Do it for the money, until you realize money doesn’t mean anything living under a totalitarian empire.
10) Of course, live game masters in about 6-12 months after the content updates roll through. We bias people with Founder’s RP tokens some and good manner role players who stay in character(we have chat logs and even game logs). This promotes good role play even when not live GMing. Who doesn’t want to bring their friends to a movie and surprise em with their own character in the movie? So stay in character for a better game! No video game in the history of mankind do I know that let your character be in a movie.
Is Game Master driven movie making the future? Anyone who's RPGed know the scripts are funny and entertaining like no other. Be a part of the future and a apocolypic cyperpunk moviestar. Play Starfighter General: www.starfightergeneral.com
Out takes and blooper montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq6Y5j9moR0&list=PLOQ-J23AJUfSCeuHkKQtL1Al70iAWnbSO
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2021.10.19 04:24 felixthursday Supreme Court reaffirms police protection by qualified immunity, a legal doctrine targeted in protests

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2021.10.19 04:24 fredjean What could this leak be?

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2021.10.19 04:24 obxmax Just finished AA Book 3! Wondering if I read Six Sacred Swords next will it spoil Keras for me?

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2021.10.19 04:24 Optimal-Bread858 Where can I find the frosty bot frame?

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2021.10.19 04:24 XPreal_name_hidden Me: Broomstick Them: 150k, psf skirt, lolita sleeves (quickkk)

View Poll
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2021.10.19 04:24 REJAHHH this ain't my room, is it?

this ain't my room, is it?
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2021.10.19 04:24 gaitoo135 Zillers Garage shows out-of-this-world BMW R18-based custom motorcycle

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2021.10.19 04:24 BigPhysNerd AoT x Pornhub

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2021.10.19 04:24 UnicornyOnTheCob Earth Abides - Week 1: Part 1, Chapter 1-4, pages 1-76

Throughout the week you may use comments below this post to start a thread to discuss what you have read so far, or you can wait until the end of the week. You may start a discussion about a quote, a theme, a character, a situation or anything else you find interesting. Everyone should have at least one discussion point every week and participate in others. Our fifth member got caught in some obligations and will try to join us in a few weeks. It is not to late to invite new members at any time. I have added more suggestions to the future books list, so please take some time when you can to look at those. Hope you enjoy the book, I really love this one. And I may just be in a deeply cynical phase, but it seems incredibly relevant right now.
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2021.10.19 04:24 ChrissiTea [Serious] What's a lot more psychologically-damaging than people seem to think it is?

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2021.10.19 04:24 harshhobgoblin Does this insulation nick warrant a junction box

Picture HVAC contractors nicked the wire. I cut back the sheathing to inspect and it just broke through the insulation just enough to see copper. This is for a switched light fixture. Does it warrant a junction box (attic) or can I get away with insulating tape?
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2021.10.19 04:24 Hades_Realm I have a game idea, but no idea how to make games. (Details in post)

I have an idea for a game, but I have no experience making video games. or coding in general. How feasible is it to find people to help me with it? Is it better to just learn all the skills of video game development on my own?
My idea is just a space colonization game focused on our solar system. I have ideas regarding its elements (research, infrastructure, etc.), but a lot of it is still in the works.
On a side note: what's a good way to learn more about game development, as in, what the steps are?
I apologize of this is a dumb question.
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2021.10.19 04:24 suppwidditttt Cigna Dental PPO and Invisalign Out of Network - Thoughts?

Hello! I'm planning on getting Invisalign and realized that one of the orthodontists that are really good in my area are out of network.

I'm currently on Cigna Dental PPO and wanted to know if anyone has ever had issues with getting insurance to cover it out of network / if there's anything I should be mindful of. I'm mostly worried if they deny paying for the full thing after I get it done for some small reason.
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2021.10.19 04:24 SkittleShit Hallowgast by Tim Burton

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