10€ ab 69€ Summe bei Conrad

2021.11.30 05:22 buchinho 10€ ab 69€ Summe bei Conrad

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2021.11.30 05:22 sat1on TIPS

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2021.11.30 05:22 Prince_Nexus So, I had a super vivid dream about a No Man's Sky x Warframe crossover. Here's how it worked.

(Note: I don't know much about the story of NMS. I'm loving it so far, though.)
The whole update was fantastic for NMS. It brought a new kind of pretty rare moon, a "lua moon", which had a special layout, rare minerals, and most of all... a special structure called a "Reservoir". The Reservoir held crates of artifacts, nanites, credits, resources... you name it; it really was lucrative.
There was just one issue: If you took anything from the Reservoir, a new enemy would emerge to attack you. This enemy, named "Stalker", would be both fast and pretty damn tough to take down. They would be able to temporarily disable your jetpack module, parts of your weapon, among other nasty effects to make running away from the Stalker incredibly difficult. If you did make it out of there, though... it'd be worth what you just took from the Stalker's abode.
On top of the new moon type, we would also get a good helping of nifty cosmetics, a special weapon or two, and one of Warframe's companions - a choice between a Sentinel, or a Kubrow/Kavat of some kind, to accompany travellers on their journey. While the animal would be a nice companion, the Sentinel had a good bit of witty banter and personality, much like Ordis from Warframe.
On the Warframe side, we get a new warframe, plain and simple. The ranged fighter with a passion for exploration - Artemis. Featuring an Exalted Bow and elemental arrows, alongside a handy rifle and pistol multi-tool as their two signature weapons, Artemis leaped across the battlefield and took down unaware targets with ease. Not quite a stealth frame, but certainly one that could blaze through an extermination map like it was nothing.
You would get this frame by intercepting a distress signal at the orbiter - a strange alien lifeform would show themselves, and start pleading to you in an unknown language. Ordis - the ship's cephalon/Ai - would implore the player to help him find a translator to help narrow down the location of this strange signal. And so, the first mission would be just that - locate a translator.
After locating a translator, it would work to decrypt the message. It would be a relatively basic translator, but the intent of it would be clear - it was a distress signal. "Strange robots and their commanders" - what we know as the Corpus MOAs and troops - had come after a derelict fighter's fleet after they detected something very valuable on board. Realising the player's willingness to help, the Captain of the fleet explained the object of interest as some kind of blueprint, for what they called a "Strange looking Exo Suit, with magical powers". This sounded very interesting, and a little familiar... Ordis was even more insistent on aiding the distressed fleet. An Exo Suit? No wonder the Corpus would be after these schematics, if even just to sell to the highest bidder...
Not being too sure of where the derelict ship is exactly, the player would have to triangulate the fleet through beacons and signal boosters - likely 3 in total, split up into 3 different missions. Over these missions, the signal of the derelict ship would get stronger, and the Captain would gradually - though the translator would still be calibrating - explain what had happened.
Warping through star systems hundreds of light years apart was not uncommon for this crew. However, they were unfortunate enough to come upon a black hole - all too late, it seems; they were pulled in, and as a result of the black hole's instability, most of their weapons systems were damaged. No wonder they were struggling to fight back against the Corpus knocking at their door.
When they emerged from the black hole, the crew found themselves drifting through the space of Warframe's world - very much unlike NMS' planets, though thankfully abundant enough in resources to be able to gradually repair, and also, perhaps escape to another system. While they did have the warp drive fuel in one of their storages, their fleet could not warp in this state. They would have to repair first, before heading out. Let's hope that it would not be through a black hole this time, though.
After triangulating the position, the player would be set on a mission to assist the capital ship and its fleet against the corpus invaders. This would be a two-part mission; One part would be on a railjack, the equivalent of our capital ships. The player would take themselves, and their crew - possibly consisting of additional players - into the fight, destroying the corpus assaulting the fleet.
Once the external corpus threats had been eliminated, the distressed captain would request the player's assistance on deck; some of the Corpus had been able to board, and their weapons weren't doing much except barely holding the line. This is when the second part of the mission would begin. The player would board the Capital ship - it taking a somewhat unique spin on a corpus tileset combined with a crew ship like on the railjack missions - eliminating the corpus on board, with a few groups managing to escape the ship, and saving all the crew that they can.
Once that is complete, the captain would thank the player profusely, offering them the position of captain of the vessel. The player, having their own motives and own ship at this point, would respectfully decline. But, still ever grateful of their assistance, the Captain would take particular interest in the player's "exo-suit" - what we simply know as warframes. They would tell us they have strange blueprints from this system, for another "exo-suit" just like ours, that they could never really build; they didn't have the materials, or at the very least, lacked the knowledge to acquire said materials. Now the "magical powers" made sense... This wasn't an "exo-suit" at all; this was the blueprints for a Warframe!
Ordis notes that the materials for this warframe - code named "Artemis" - wouldn't be too hard to make for someone experienced with this system. And so, you get the blueprints for the Artemis Warframe, and build it, returning to the ship with it equipped to both further aid the derelict crew, and to show the Captain what the blueprints have forged.
The captain, naturally, would be pretty blown away by the abilities of the warframe. But casting that aside for the moment, they would dejectedly explain that the crew was - in the time that it took for the warframe to construct for the player - just about ready to jump star systems, subsequently returning to their own universe. However, the Corpus managed to snag the contents of one of their storages - unfortunately, contained in that same storage was the ship's warp drive fuel. In other words, until they got that fuel back, they weren't going anywhere; it was much harder to create something like warp drive fuel from the resources on any of the worlds here, it seemed...
So in one, final mission, the player would take the Artemis warframe (Or any other one they want, but Artemis would be ideal for the mission) to reacquire from protected containers. This could be done in a few ways. Survival would mean a group of operatives would gather the materials while the player distracts the corpus. Defense would mean the player protects the locked container while the lock is decrypted and opened by Ordis. Assassination could mean the high-priority target holds the key to the container, etc. If memory serves, the mission rolled into a survival mission for me. It was fun, and Artemis was an absolute blast; they felt like a ninja, only wielding a bow.
Once recovering the contents of the storage, the player would return to the ship one last time, and the Captain would thank them once again, then say the ship would leave soon. With both them, and the crew (as you pass them) bidding the player farewell, thanking them, and wishing you the best in their own language - almost fully decoded by that translator at this point - the player would leave the capital ship, seeing it warp out of the star system, as the quest would then end.
As said in the top bit - I don't actually know too much about NMS' story yet. I still need to raise standing with the Gek or something, so far. As a result, I can't really think up a big side-story or story quest of some kind that NMS would have for Warframe, not even in my dreams - quite literally, in this case.

And, yes - my dreams are pretty crazy. This one was especially detailed, and incredibly entertaining. I just had to note it down and share it with both subreddits. Who knows? Maybe this'll give people ideas.
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2021.11.30 05:22 Jswoosh4 Hello looking for this pikachu for my shiny gengar

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2021.11.30 05:22 MadlockUK Happy Saint Andrews Day to the Scots of Blue Army

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2021.11.30 05:22 razor_blade- So I have never watched La Casa de Papel, but my friend told me I remind him of Tokyo. What does it mean, is it good or bad?

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2021.11.30 05:22 Cute_Bum Did you know there is a gap right here? (great ending haha)

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2021.11.30 05:22 propagandaformyself Bond found his next target, the rarest gal he ever saw, Rose.

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2021.11.30 05:22 tewy001 The star of the show (art by me)

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2021.11.30 05:22 raaner12 3 razones por las que los traders esperan que Bitcoin vuelva a alcanzar los USD 60,000 antes de que termine noviembre

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2021.11.30 05:22 chestermoss Multnomah Falls, Oregon. A7iii with Sony 24mm f/2.8 G lens.

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2021.11.30 05:22 wolfsmith13 If a woman is tall, is that considereda negative attribute to men? If yes, why?

I know personal preference varies from guy to guy, but the same way the mainstream idea is that "tall guy = good" is there a common preference amongst guys fonot for tall women? I've heard from some dudes that when a woman is tall it's a con and I'd love if anyone who shares that opinion could explain why
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2021.11.30 05:22 BrettShel35 4:3 on HBO max?

Weren’t early seasons of the show originally 4:3 aspect ratio? Is there a setting where I can change it to the original 4:3? Disney+ has this feature with with The Simpsons.
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2021.11.30 05:22 Calm-Sail8492 TELEGRAM

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2021.11.30 05:22 landekeshav5 Summon the bot for the answer 🤣

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2021.11.30 05:22 eff_carter Don't look now, but we're a top 10 team in several statistics

Our goalie is a top 10 starting goalie so far (wins, save %, GSAA, WAR)
Our powerplay is at 21.8% (10th)
Our face off wins are 51.5% (10th)
Our goals for per game is 3.42 (6th)
Our team shooting percentage is 11.1% (4th)
And our PDO is 99.9%, which means we're performing right how we are expected to.
These are very cherrypicked stats and it's a limited sample size, but to perform this well without Laine in the lineup is very promising. This team is truly night and day to the team we watched last season.
hockey reference
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2021.11.30 05:22 iloveplanesalot [Poly] Looking for an interviewee!

Not sure what to flair this so my apologies!
Hello currently a (desperate) poly student looking for interviewees for a podcast! Person must be passionate about a certain hobby/craft/job and must have something to show for it (eg a ig page dedicated to it) its a 4 minute podcast so won’t take up more than 10 minutes of your time at best!! Reply or you can also message me if you’re interested for more details!
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2021.11.30 05:22 Useful_Mud_7441 Need help please

Can some one help me i accidentally uninstall the game and i cant recover my account since i did not set the data transfer settings yet.
Please help me
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2021.11.30 05:22 Zyxel777 It’s difficult making friends the older you get lol M28 here.

Looking to make a good friend on here and really connect with someone. I’m a bit of a nerd anime and video games but I also really love music and movies. I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet so feel free to message and I’ll get back with ya as soon as I can! Hope everyone is having a good day!
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2021.11.30 05:22 lorecantus Are these substats okay for Violet? Or should I be looking for something else?

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2021.11.30 05:22 amancoreseg Halo Infinite released an update to increase the experience value of the first six games each day

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2021.11.30 05:22 Smokin_sunbeam 28 [TM4A] looking for an accountability partner and want to help you too :3

Hello all you beautiful people. I hope you are all well!
I’m reaching out cause I was seeing if someone would like to be mutual accountability partners? I struggle with eating food and also with self care, and I feel like having a friend who we both cheerlead back and forth would be super helpful. I have positivity to give to others I just need help showing it to myself :3 I don’t need to voice chat or video chat, texting back and forth and maybe even sharing photos of progress ((like “I made food!” Or “look! I cleaned!” And stuff like that))
So who am I? My names Oliver, I’m 28 and I’m pre-T. I also have another partner who lives with me part time ((poly ftw!)) I live in Texas and have a funny sleep schedule ((I’m normally awake by 11pm)). Oh and I’m a house spouse :3 so no job atm. Also a cat dad :3
Some things I like: video games ((The Sims 4, COD, Animal Crossing, and Far Cry 6 for examples)), crystals, pop music, YouTube, horror, taking Recipes, and bird watching to start with a couple of things I like :3
Some things I don’t like: big scary dogs, bigots, red bell peppers, whiskey, fake people, cringy pop music, voice chatting…to name a few.
Why should you message: ((please read in a infomercial announcer voice hehe)) Are you a night owl? Do you stay up till ungodly hours? Well Oliver is your boi to talk to. A great companion, cheerleader and support during these long nights ahead! Message now to claim your Oliver just for you!
If this isn’t what you’re looking for, please don’t be hateful. Just a nice guy trying to get better 💕
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2021.11.30 05:22 beartackler Fans Were Snowed in for Three Days in a Remote Pub After They Went to See an Oasis Cover Band

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2021.11.30 05:22 reallyumt Lens recommendation for a7iv

Im planning to get the a7iv,( been using rx100v for few years)
I have no experience with mirrorless (or any camera that dont come with a lens) apart from playing around with a a7iii i borrowed from a friend for a few days.
Could anyone recommend what lens i should get for the a7iv? probably mid range ?
i plan to mainly take pics of: 1. my cats, 2. for hiking (so will probably take this camera with me but may opt for my rx100v since its much lighter) 3. baby pics 4. product still pics for social media for work. 5. stars (if i can travel again :( )
many thanks
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2021.11.30 05:22 -MK84- FlyingIron's A-7E screenshots from their Discord (CCIP/CCRP HUD)

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